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The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 87

 ISSN: 0160-1741

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Issue 1 January 1982


Absolute Isotopic Abundance Ratios and Atomic Weight of a Reference Sample of Strontium, p. 1
Moore, L.J.; Murphy, T.J.; Barnes, I.L.; Paulsen, P.J.

The Absolute Isotopic Abundance and Atomic Weight of a Reference Sample of Silver, p. 9
Powell, L.J.; Murphy, T.J.; Gramlich, J.W.

Recalculation of the Faraday Constant Due to a New Value for the Atomic Weight of Silver, p. 21
Bower, V.E.; Davis, R.S.; Murphy, T.J.; Paulsen, P.J.; Gramlich, J.W.; Powell, L.J.

An Analysis of Read-Out Perturbations Seen on an Analytical Balance with a Swinging Pan, p. 23
Cage, M.E.; Davis, R.S.

A 30 kg Capacity High Precision Load Cell Mass Comparator, p. 47
Schoonover, R.M.

Electron Impact Ionization of Lithium, p. 49
Younger, S.M.

An Approach to Peak Area Estimation, p. 53
Rice, J.

A Note on the Behavior of Least Squares Regression Estimates when both Variables are Subject to Error, p. 67
Spiegelman, C.

A Univariate Inequality for Medians, p. 71
Spiegelman, C.

Minimum-Loop Realization of Degree Sequences, p. 75
Goldman, A.J.; Byrd, R.H.

Issue 2 March 1982


Calculation of Aqueous Solubility of Organic Compounds, p. 155
Tewari, Y.B.; Miller, M.M.; Wasik, S.P.

Enthalpy and Heat-Capacity Standard Reference Material: Synthetic Sapphire (α-Al2O3) From 10 to 2250 K, p. 159
Ditmars, D.A.; Ishihara, S.; Chang, S.S.; Bernstein, G.; West, E.D.

Buoyant Convection Computed in a Vorticity, Stream-Function formulation, p. 165
Rehm, R.G.; Baum, H.R.; Barnett, P.D.

Issue 3 May 1982


The Density Determination of Small Solid Objects by a Simple Float Method - I, p. 197
Schoonover, R.M.

The Density Determination of Small Solid Objects by a Simple Float Method - II, p. 207
Davis, R.S.

An Absorbed Dose Water Calorimeter: Theory, Design, and Performance, p. 211
Domen, S.R.

Torsional Splittings and Assignments of the Doppler-Limited Spectrum of Ethane in the C-H Stretching Region, p. 237
Pine, A.S.; Lafferty, W.J.

Mechanism of the Electrical Conductivity in Potassium Croconate Violet, p. 257
Doane, L.M.; Fatiadi, A.J.

Issue 4 July 1982


The Thermal Conductivity of Oxygen, p. 279
Roder, H.M.

Measurements of the Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient by Chromatographic Methods, p. 311
Wasik, S.P.; Tewari, Y.B.; Miller, M.M.; Purnell, J.H.

Curve Fitting with Clothoidal Splines, p. 317
Stoer, J.

Issue 5 September 1982


Consensus Values and Weighting Factors, p. 377
Paule, R.C.; Mandel, J.

Report on the Sixth International Symposium on Temperature, p. 387
Mangum, B.W.; Furukawa, G.T.

Nondestructive Evaluation Methods for Quality Acceptance of Installed Building Materials, p. 407
Clifton, J.R.; Carino, N.J.

Issue 6 November 1982


Acceptance Probabilities for a Sampling Procedure Based on the Mean and an Order Statistic, p. 485
Croarkin, M.C.; Yang, G.L.

Mathematical Analysis for Radiometric Calorimetry of a Radiating Sphere, p. 513
Schmid, L.A.

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