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The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 91

 ISSN: 0160-1741

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Issue 1 January 1986


Special issue on pH measurements in rainwater - Foreword, p. 1
Hertz, H.S.; Rasberry, S.D.

Ruggedness testing-Part I: Ignoring interactions, p. 3
Paule, R.C.; Marinenko, G.; Knoerdel, M.; Koch, W.F.

Ruggedness testing-Part II: Recognizing interactions, p. 9
Paule, R.C.; Marinenko, G.; Knoerdel, M.; Koch, W.F.

Effect of variables on pH measurement in acid-rain-like solutions as determined by ruggedness tests, p. 17
Marinenko, G.; Paule, R.C.; Koch, W.F.; Knoerdel, M.

An interlaboratory test of pH measurements in rainwater, p. 23
Koch, W.F.; Marinenko, G.; Paule, R.C.

Development of a standard reference material for rainwater analysis, p. 33
Koch, W.F.; Marinenko, G.; Paule, R.C.

Issue 2 March 1986


Technical News From NBS, p. 43
Oser, H.J.

Special issue - Biomedical sampling - Foreword, p. 45
Zeisler, R.

Representative sampling of human tissue, p. 47
Hopps, H.C.

Technical considerations for sampling and sample preparation of biomedical samples for trace element analysis, p. 51
Parr, R.M.

Environmental specimen banking - The selection, collection, transport, and storage or biomedical samples, p. 59
Kemper, F.H.; Luepke, N.P.

Presampling factors, p. 67
Iyengar, G.V.

The sampling and analysis of human livers, p. 75
Zeisler, R.

The collection and preparation of human-blood plasma or serum for trace-element analysis, p. 87
Versieck, J.

Storage and pre-neutron activation analysis treatment for trace element analysis in urine, p. 93
Blotcky, A.J.; Rack, E.P.

Technical News Briefs, p. 103

Conference Report: The investigation of fundamental interactions with cold neutrons, p. 111
Greene, G.L.

Issue 3 May 1986


High precision microcalorimetry: Apparatus, procedures, and biochemical applications, p. 113
Steckler, D.K.; Goldberg, R.N.; Tewari, Y.B.; Buckley, T.J.

Standards development for differential scanning calorimetry, p. 123
Callanan, J.E.; Sullivan, S.A.; Vecchia, D.F.

Miniature mercury contact switches for instrument temperature control, p. 131
Bruno, T.J.; Shepherd, J.G.

Thermophysical property measurement on chemically reacting systems - A case study, p. 135
Bruno, T.J.; Straty, G.C.

Inorganic materials biotechnology: A new industrial measurement challenge, p. 139
Olson, G.J.; Brinckman, F.E.

Improvements in the application of the numerical method of characteristics to predict attenuation in unsteady partially filled pipe flow, p. 149
Swaffield, J.A.; Maxwell-Standing, K.

Conference Report: Electrophoresis society meeting hosted at NBS, p. 157
Reeder, D.J.; Hancock, D.K.; Edwards, J.J.; Richie, K.L.

Technical News Briefs, p. 161

Issue 4 July 1986


Calibration of beta-particle ophthalmic applicators at the National Bureau of Standards, p. 165
Pruitt, J.S.

Room temperature gold-vacuum-gold tunneling experiments, p. 171
Teague, E.C.

Conference Report: Conference on precision electromagnetic measurements, p. 235
Belecki, N.B.

Technical News Briefs, p. 237

Issue 5 September 1986


A wavelength standard for the near infrared based on the reflectance of rare-earth oxides, p. 243
Weidner, V.R.; Barnes, P.Y.; Eckerle, K.L.

The triple point of oxygen in sealed transportable cells, p. 255
Furukawa, G.T.

A multi-kilogram capacity calorimeter for heterogenous materials, p. 277
Churney, K.L.; Ledford, A.E.; Reilly, M.L.; Domalski, E.S.

Possible changes in the U.S. legal units of voltage and resistance, p. 299
Taylor, B.N.

Technical News Briefs, p. 307

Issue 6 November 1986


The Temperature Dependence of Spectral Broadening in the Hg (61S0-63P1) Multiplet at High Optical Densities, p. 313
Braun, W.; Scheer, M.D.; Kaufman, V.

Absolute Isotopic Abundance Ratio and Atomic Weight of a Reference Sample of Gallium, p. 323
Machlan, L.A.; Gramlich, J.W.; Powell, L.J.; Lambert, G.M.

Thermal Expansion of Platinum and Platinum-Rhodium Alloys, p. 333
Edsinger, R.E.; Reilly, M.L.; Schooley, J.F.

News Briefs and Reports, p. 357

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