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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards, Volume19

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Contents of Volume 19,p. TOC http://dx.doi.org/10.6028/nbsscipaper.169

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Index to Volume 19, p. Indexhttp://dx.doi.org/10.6028/nbsscipaper.168

Directive radio transmission on a wave length of 10 meters, S469, p. 1, (January 1923)
Dunmore, F. W.; Engel, F. H.

A method for the accurate measurement of short-time intervals, S470, p. 17, (November 1922)
Curtis, H. L.; Duncan, R. C.

Methods of measurement of properties of electrical insulating materials, S471, p. 39, (October 1922)
Dellinger, J. H.; Preston, J. L.

Alternating-current resistance and inductance of single-layer coils, S472, p. 73, (September 1922)
Hickman, C. N.

A method for the measurement of sound intensity, S473, p. 105, (February 1923)
Karcher, J. C.

Series in the arc spectrum of molybdenum, S474, p. 113, (April 1923)
Kiess, C. C.

Visibility of radiant energy, S475, p. 131, (February 1923)
Gibson, K. S.; Tyndall, E. P. T.

A study of radio signal fading, S476, p. 193, (April 1923)
Dellinger, J. H.; Whittemore, L. E.; Kruse, S.

Spectroradiometric analysis of radio signals, S477, p. 231, (July 1923)
Snow, C.

Redetermination of secondary standards of wave length from the new international iron arc, S478, p. 263, (August 1923)
Meggers, W. F.; Kiess, C. C.; Burns, K.

Interferometer measurements of the longer waves in the iron arc spectrum, S479, p. 273, (August 1923)
Meggers, W. F.; Kiess, C. C.

A directive type of radio beacon and its application to navigation, S480, p. 281, (September 1923)
Engel, F. H.; Dunmore, F. W.

Measurement of low resistance by means of the wheatstone bridge, S481, p. 297, (July 1923)
Wenner, F.; Smith, A.

Gravitational anisotropy in crystals, S482, p. 307, (September 1923)
Heyl, P. R.

Investigation of the platinum metals: IV. Determination of iridium in platinum alloys by the method of fusion with lead, S483, p. 325, (October 1923)
Gilchrist, R.

Preparation and Properties of Pure Iron Alloys. IV. Determination of the critical ranges of pure iron-carbon alloys by the thermoelectric method, S484, p. 347, (November 1923)
Berliner, J. F. T.

Application of the interferometer to measurements of the thermal dilation of ceramic materials, S485, p. 357, (September 1923)
Merritt, G. E.

Some new thermoelectrical and actinoelectrical properties of molybdenite, S486, p. 375, (October 1923)
Coblentz, W. W.

A quantitative study of regeneration by inductive feed back, S487, p. 419, (January 1924)
Jolliffe, C. B.; Rodman, J. A.

Thermal expansion of molybdenum, S488, p. 429, (January 1924)
Hidnert, P.; Gero, W. B.

Primary radio-frequency standardization by use of the cathode-ray oscillograph, S489, p. 445, (November 1923)
Hazen, G.; Kenyon, F.

Spectra and critical potentials of fifth group elements, S490, p. 463, (January 1924)
Ruark, A. E.; Mohler, F. L.; Foote, P. D.; Chenault, R. L.

Theory of determination of ultra-radio frequencies by standing waves on wires, S491, p. 487, (February 1924)
Hund, A.

Formulae, tables, and curves for computing the mutual inductance of two coaxial circles, S492, p. 541, (April 1924)
Curtis, H. L.; Sparks, C. M.

Ultra-violet reflecting power of some metals and sulphides, S493, p. 577, (June 1924)
Coblentz, W.W.; Hughes, C.W.

Aberrations of long focus anastigmatic photographic objectives, S494, p. 587, (April 1924)
Bennett, A.H.

A Radiometric Investigation of the Germicidal Action of Ultra-violet radiation, S495, p. 641, (May 1924)
Coblentz, W.W.; Fulton, H.R.

Effect of stress on the magnetic properties of steel wire, S496, p. 681, (June 1924)
Sanford, R.L.

Thermal expansion of aluminum and various important aluminum alloys, S497, p. 697, (July 1924)
Hidnert, P.

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