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The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards, 1916

Methods of making electrolysis surveys, T 28,
McCollum, B.; Ahlborn, G.H.

Special studies in electrolysis mitigation. III. A report on conditions in Springfield, Ohio, with insulated feeder system installed, T 54,
McCollum, B.; Ahlborn, G.H.

Special studies in electrolysis mitigation. IV. A preliminary report on electrolysis mitigation in Elyria, Ohio, with recommendations for mitigation, T 55,
McCollum, B.; Logan, K.H.

Strength and other properties of concretes as affected by materials and methods of preparation, T 58,
Wig, R.J.; Williams, G.M.; Gates, E.R.

Standard test specimens of zinc bronze (Cu 88, Sn 10, Zn 2) � Parts I and II, T 59,
Karr, C.P.; Rawdon, H.S.

Microstructure of changes accompanying the annealing of cast bronze (Cu88, Sn 10, Zn 2), T 60,
Rawdon, H.S.

Some foreign specifications for railway materials: rails, wheels, axles, tires, T 61,
Burgess, G.K.; Merica, P.D.

Modern practice in the construction and maintenance of rail joints and bonds in electric railways, T 62,
Shepard, E.R.

Leakage of currents from electric railways, T 63,
McCollum, B.; Logan, K.H.

Determination of barium carbonate and barium sulphate in vulcanized rubber goods, T 64,
Tuttle, J.B.

Determination of oil and resin in varnish, T 65,
Boughton, E.W.

Detection of resin in drier, T 66,
Boughton, E.W.

Standardization of automobile-tire fabric testing, T 68,
Lewis, W.S.; Cleary, C.J.

Determination of carbon in steels and irons by direct combustion in oxygen at high temperatures, T 69,
Cain, J.R.; Cleaves, H.E.

Effect of certain pigments on linseed oil, T 71,
Boughton, E.W.

Influence of frequency of alternating or infrequently reversed current on electrolytic corrosion, T 72,
McCollum, B.; Ahlborn, G.H.

Data on the oxidation of automobile cylinder oils, T 73,
Waters, C.E.

Investigation of cartridge-inclosed fuses, T 74,
Rosa, E.B.; Brooks, H.B.; McCollum, B.; Canada, W.J.; Glading, F.W.

Data on electric railway track leakage T 75,
Ahlborn, G.H.

Determination of volatile thinner in oil varnish, T 76,
Boughton, E.W.

Density and thermal expansion of American Petroleum oils, T 77,
Bearce, H.W.; Peffer, E.L.

Properties of some European plastic fire clays, T 79,
Bleininger, A.V.; Schurecht, H.G.

Constitution and microstructure of porcelain, T 80,
Klein, A.A.

Failure of brass. 2. - Effect of corrosion on the ductility and strength of brass, T 83,
Merica, P.D.

Failure of brass. 3. - Initial stress produced by the "burning in" of manganese bronze., T 84,
Merica, P.D.; Karr, C.P.

Recovery of paraffin and paper stock from waste paraffin paper, T 87,
Smith, W.H.

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