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NVLAP Asbestos Fiber Analysis LAP

1866 Crocidolite from ALSF
1866 Standard Heated Crocidolite to 498 degrees C between 1866 Standard Amosite in 1.68 Crossed Polars with Red Plate 530 nm (z). Courtesy of ALSF.


This page provides information for asbestos testing laboratories, their customers, and their stakeholders about the requirements for the accreditation of laboratories under the NVLAP Asbestos Fiber Analysis laboratory accreditation program (LAP).

Program Description

The NVLAP Asbestos Fiber Analysis program provides assurance that laboratories are competent to analyze asbestos samples using polarized light microscopy (PLM) and/or transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), enacted in 1986, requires that laboratories that analyze asbestos samples taken from public, or private, elementary or secondary schools, to be accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP).

Proficiency Testing Requirements

Proficiency testing is required for all laboratories. The goal of the program is to provide material that will test the laboratory’s ability to follow the test method and to achieve the proper accuracy, precision, and detection limits. The proficiency test contractor will send participating laboratories test samples, data sheets, and instructions for performing the test and reporting the results. For more information about asbestos analysis proficiency testing, contact the PT provider: RTI International Laboratory Certification and Proficiency Testing at RTI International Laboratory and Chemistry Services.


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Hazel Richmond, Program Manager
Phone: 301-975-3024
E-mail: hazel.richmond@nist.gov


Addition of 1993 Method to Scopes of Accreditation

Effective immediately, laboratories may request to be assessed to the Method for the Determination of Asbestos in Bulk Building Materials (EPA 600/R-93/116; 1993) for inclusion on their NVLAP scopes of accreditation and report this method on test reports issued under the NVLAP accreditation.  Click here to view the Lab Bulletin announcing this addition.

Disclaimer to Be Added to TEM Test Reports

Effective March 1, 2013, a disclaimer shall be added to all airborne test reports issued under the NVLAP accreditation, indicating that results reported in asbestos structures/cm3 of air are not covered by the laboratory's accreditation.  Click here to view the Lab Bulletin announcing the addition of this requirement to the TEM program.