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Robert L. Shankle

I am an engineering science technician for a full staff of physicists at the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) in the Neutron physics group, Radiation Division of the Physical Measurement Laboratory. I support our staff of scientists and nearly 50 guest researchers and college students.

As a machinist I make various parts from a variety of different materials that makeup scientific instruments, holders for samples, or detectors being used by staff or guests. I also weld, wire, solder, plumb, build and repair items requested by group members and guest researchers.

I am also the Neutron Physics group property officer. I track and loan group property and instruments to various universities and research facilities throughout the United States and the world.



Engineering Science Technician
Radiation Physics Division
Neutron Physics Group

Employment History:

NIST, 2006 - present


Frederick Community College, Maryland, 2001


Phone: 301-975-6185
Fax: 301-926-1604