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Inn, Kenneth G.W.

Dr. Inn has been a member of the NIST Radioactivity Group staff since February 1978.  He has extensive experience in radiochemical calibrations of a wide variety of environmental matrices.  He directs programs in low-level radionuclide environmental-matrix Standard Reference Materials, radionuclide speciation in soils and sediments, and low-level radiochemistry traceability evaluations.  He has conducted laboratory evaluations of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the USDOE Radiological and Environmental Sciences Laboratory.  

Membership and Committee Participation

Dr. Inn actively participates in the ASTM and ANSI through committee membership and has assisted in international intercomparison measurements.  He was also a visiting lecturer to the International Atomic Energy Agency on the topic of Proficiency Testing.  He has been responsible for training the Radioactivity Group's radiochemistry staff members for the past 10 + years.  He is heavily involved in the Quality Assurance Program and the NIST Ionizing Radiation Division ISO/IEC 17025 compliance efforts.  Dr. Inn is also a technical assessor for NVLAP.




Radiation Physics Division
Radioactivity Group

Employment History:

NIST, 1992- present: Project Leader, NIST, Environmental Radiochemistry

1991 - 1992 NIST, Group Leader, Office of Radiaiton Measurements,

1991-1992: Staff Radiochemist, NIST, MACTEC

1990-1991: Scientific Assistant, NIST, Center for Radiation Research

1989-1990: Scientific Assistant, U.S. DoC Undersecretary of Technology.

1988-1989: Scientific Assistant, NBS, National Measurement Laboratory

1978-1988: Research Chemist, National Bureau of Standards (NBS)




Ph.D., Radio-Chemistry, University of Arkansas, 1978


Phone: 301-975-5541
Fax: 301-926-7416