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Automated Multi-Sample Ionization Chamber for Radioactivity Standards


NIST radioactivity standards for gamma-ray emitting radionuclides are maintained as calibration factors for an automated ionization chamber.


This instrument has been developed at NIST to measure up to 100 samples with programmable sample queuing, sample handling and measurement parameters while maintaining the high precision and reproducibility of a similar manual instrument that has been used for over 30 years. Routine use of this new instrument results in reduced radiation exposure to operators, expedites the standards-transfer process and improves quality assurance. NIST has recently established calibration factors for the instrument for 131I, 18F, 124I and 201Tl, using NIST primary standardizations.

Image Description: Custom Sample-Holders and Positioning System Ensure High Degree of Reproducibility, Lead and Lead-glass Shielding for Safety and Effectiveness, Picoammeter Below Shielding.
Automated Multi Sample Ionization Chamber for Radioactivity Standards
Photograph by: Ryan Fitzgerald

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