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Svetlana Nour

I am a radiochemist trained as a chemist in developing/optimizing radioanalytical methods (sample preparation, dissolution, and analytical procedures) for radioactivity analyses of different matrices using different techniques of samples dissolution, radioanalytical separation of radionuclides of alpha and beta emitters from pure solution to complex environmental matrices to quantify radionuclide massic activities, and radioactivity measurements using alpha, beta, and gamma spectrometries. Over the years actively involved in International Laboratory Intercomparison projects to certify Natural Standard Reference Materials (SRM) and determine radioactive impurities in pure SRMs.

I was actively involved in two proficiency testing programs: the Radiological Traceability Program (RTP) between DOE Reference Laboratory, Radiological and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (RESL) and NIST Radiochemistry Intercomparison Program (NRIP) by preparing the performance testing materials for participants and conducting measurement traceability evaluations of radianalytical laboratories.



Research Chemist
Radiation Physics Division
Radioactivity Group

Employment History:

NIST, Research Chemist, 2013 - present
NIST/University of Hawaii, Associate, 2010-2013
NIST/University of Maryland, Associate, 2002 - 2010


M.D., Environmental Science, University of Idaho, 2000
M.D., Chemistry, Moldova State University, 1983


Phone: 301-975-4927
Email: svetlana.nour@nist.gov
Fax: 301-926-7416