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SRMs for Basic and Applied Research

SRM Name
982 Equal Atom Lead Isotopic Standard
983 Radiogenic Lead Isotopic Standard
2087 Medical CT Dimensional Standard ( in preparation)
2088 Radiodensity for Medical CT (planned)
3164 Thorium Standard Solution
3159 Uranium Standard Solution
4222C Carbon-14 (as hexadecane)
4226D Nickel-63 Radioactivity Solution
4233E Cesium-137 Solution
4239 Strontium-90 Radioactivity   Standard
4251C Barium-133 Solution
4274 Holmium-166m Gamma-ray Emission Rate Standard
4288B Technetium-99 Radioactivity Solution
4320A Curium-244 Solution
4321C Natural Uranium Solution
4322C Americium-241 Solution
4323B Plutonium-238 Solution
4324B Uranium-232 Solution
4326 Polonium-209 Solution
4328C Thorium-229 Solution
4329 Curium-243 Solution
4330C Plutonium-239 Radioactivity Solution
4332E Americium-243 Radioactivity Solution
4334I Plutonium-242 Solution
4337 Lead-210 Radioactivity Std
4338A Plutonium-240 Solution
4339A Radium-228 Solution
4340B Plutonium-241 Solution
4341 Neptunium-237 Solution
4342A Thorium-230 Radioactivity Standard
4361C Hydrogen-3 Water
4370C Europium-152 Solution
4915F Cobalt-60 Solution
4919I Strontium-90 Solution
4926E Hydrogen-3 Water
4927F Hydrogen-3 Water
4929F Iron-55 Solution
4943 Chlorine-36 Solution
4947C Hydrogen-3 Toluene
4949C Iodine-129 Solution
4965 Radium-226 Solution
4966A Radium-226 Solution
4967A Radium-226 Solution
4969 Radium-226 Solution
4971 Radon-222 Emanation Standard
4972 Radon-222 Emanation Standard
4973 Radon-222 Emanation Standard
4974 Radon-222 Emanation Standard
4990C Oxalic Acid Powder

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