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Radioactivity Group, Staff Directory


Name Position Phone
Bergeron, Denis
Chemist 301-975-2282
Cessna, Jeffrey
Physicist 301-975-5539
Chen-Mayer, Heather
Physicist 301-975-5595
Collé, Ronald Chemist 301-975-6149
Fitzgerald, Ryan
Physicist 301-975-5597
Payne, Jody
Group Secretary
King, Lynne
Technician 301-975-5544
LaRosa, Jerome
Chemist 301-975-8333
Laureano-Pérez, Lizbeth Chemist 301-975-8797
Lucas, Larry
Chemist 301-975-5533
Norman, Bruce Physical Scientist 301-975-5693
Pibida, Leticia
Physicist 301-975-5538
Sallaska, Anne
Physicist 301-975-8464
Stann, Janet
Technician 301-975-5546
Tyra, Mark
Chemist 301-975-5054
Unterweger, Michael
Physicist/Group Leader
Zimmerman, Brian
Physicist 301-975-4338


Name Position Phone
Bene, Balazs
University of Maryland
Golas, Daniel
Nuclear Energy Institute
Hutchinson, J.M. Robin
Self 301-975-5543
Nour, Svetlana
University of Maryland
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Secondary Standard for Ge 68 zimmerman

Photograph by: Brian Zimmerman

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