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National and International Standards

The Dimensional Metrology Group (683.01) strives to leverage its metrological expertise by participating in documentary metrology standards. National (ANSI) and international (ISO) standard writing bodies can direct how entire industries specify and test their products. The Dimensional Metrology Group participates in these standard writing bodies to provide metrological expertise that assists in producing technically significant documents that are balanced for both instrument manufacturers and for industrial users.

The benefits of standardized specifications and testing procedures are many. Well written standards have significant positive externalities to industry. By standardizing specifications manufacturers can avoid the significant costs of individualized idiosyncratic testing that would otherwise be requested from each customer. Users of standardized technology benefit by comparing products from different manufacturers to common specifications and hence can purchase products that are best suited for their needs.

The entire metrology industry benefits from standardization because it lowers barriers to adopting new technology by providing “expert” information and specifications. A well-vetted standard with high intellectual content protects customers from their own inexperience and through the experience, expertise, and integrity of the standards writing committee, increases confidence to adopt new technology.

National and International Standards

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