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Dimensional Metrology Group Staff

Staff Listing

Name Position Phone
Daniel S. Sawyer Leader, Mechanical Engineer 301-975-5863
James Bowie Group Office Manager, Secretary 301-975-3468
Christopher Blackburn Physical Science Technician 301-975-6413
Michael Braine Physical Science Technician 301-975-8746
Beverly M. Connelly Physical Science Technician 301-975-2485
Dr. Theodore D. Doiron Physicist 301-975-3472
Dennis S. Everett Mechanical Engineer 301-975-5272
Bryon S. Faust Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4351
Dr. Vincent D. Lee Mechanical Engineer/Postdoc 301-975-4683
Dr. Steven D. Phillips Physicist 301-975-3565
Wei Ren Computer Scientist 301-975-6479
Dr. Craig M. Shakarji Mathematician 301-975-3545
Dr. K. Megan Shilling Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4795
Eric S. Stanfield Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4882
Dr. Jack A. Stone Physicist 301-975-5638
John R. Stoup Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3476
Roy Sundahl Electrical Engineer 301-975-6547
Jay H. Zimmerman Computer Scientist 301-975-3480

Associate Listing

Name Position Phone
Bruce R. Borchardt Guest Researcher 301-975-3469
Dr. Patrick Egan Guest Researcher 301-975-4151
Edgar G. Erber Guest Researcher 301-975-3473
Dr. W. Tyler Estler Guest Researcher 301-975-3483
Lowell P. Howard Guest Researcher 301-975-3468
Dr. Bala Muralikrishnan Guest Researcher 301-975-3789

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML)
Semiconductor & Dimensional Metrology Division

Dimensional Metrology Group
Daniel S. Sawyer, Leader

General Information:
James R. Bowie, Secretary
301-975-3468 Telephone
301-869-5360 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8211
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8211