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Nanoscale Metrology Group Staff

Staff Listing

Name Position Phone
Dr. John A. Kramar Leader, Research Chemist 301-975-3447
Regenia M. McCloud Group Office Manager, Secretary 301-975-3488
Richard Allen Physicist 301-975-5026
Dr. Ravikiran Attota Research Engineer 301-975-5750
Dr. John A. Dagata Research Chemist 301-975-3597
Dr. Bradley N. Damazo Mechanical Engineer 301-975-6611
Steven Fick Electrical Engineer 301-975-6629
Michael Gaitan Project Leader, Electrical Engineer 301-975-2070
Jon Geist Electrical Engineer 301-975-5484
Jason Gorman
Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3446
Dr. Thomas W. LeBrun Research Physicist 301-975-4256
Darwin Reyes Research Chemist 301-975-5466
Dr. John S. Villarrubia Physicist 301-975-3958
Dr. Andras E. Vladar Research Engineer 301-975-2399
Randall Wagner Physicist 301-975-6619

Associate Listing

Name Position Phone
Muhammad Afridi Contractor 301-975-5420
Jeremy Barton Guest Researcher 301-975-6795
Sudiskya Baskota Guest Researcher 301-975-6795
Aveek Gangopadhyay Guest Researcher 301-975-6367
Michael Cresswell Guest Researcher 301-975-2072
Natalia Farkas Guest Researcher 301-975-3587
Samuel N. Jones Guest Researcher 301-975-2090
Dr. Purushotham P. Kavuri Guest Researcher 301-975-2298
William J. Keery Guest Researcher 301-975-5204
Dr. Kate Klein Guest Researcher 301-975-8090
Craig McGray Contractor 301-975-4110
Dr. Bin Ming Guest Researcher 301-975-2312
Nicole Morgan Guest Researcher 301-975-2045
Eva Mutunga Guest Researcher 301-975-8090
Brian Nablo Contractor 301-975-2492
Haesung Park Guest Researcher 301-975-3499
Beverly Payne Guest Researcher 301-975-6639
William B. Penzes Guest Researcher 301-975-3477
James E. Potzick Guest Researcher 301-975-3481
Thomas Proctor Guest Researcher 301-975-6602
Prem Rachakonda Guest Researcher 301-975-4285
Harry Schafft Guest Researcher 301-975-2234
Chenglong Zhao Guest Researcher 301-975-4880

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML)
Semiconductor & Dimensional Metrology Division

Nanoscale Metrology Group
Dr. John A. Kramar, Leader

General Information:
Regenia M. McCloud, Secretary
301-975-3488 Telephone
301-869-0822 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8212
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8212