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Semiconductor and Dimensional Metrology Division


The Semiconductor and Dimensional Metrology Division (SDMD) provides technical leadership in measurement science research, development, and standards essential to advanced manufacturing. The Division realizes the SI unit of length and the derived units of acceleration, and acoustic pressure for the U.S.

The Division provides leadership in conducting research in the areas of dimensional, nanometer-scale, surface, and acoustic pressure metrology; accelerometry; silicon Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology; MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS); power electronics; nanoelectronics; and flexible/printed electronics.

The SDMD’s technical activities span from basic research to critical measurement services that impact the U.S. industry in high-priority areas such as advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology. Research thrusts include 3D nanoscale metrology for nanomanufacturing, advanced devices, and advancing the state of the art for length measurements. The Division’s dimensional measurements range over 15 orders magnitude.

The SDMD is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The Division operates within the Physical Measurement Laboratory at NIST.

Thank you for your interest in our Division! I welcome your comments and suggestions.

David Seiler, Division Chief


Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML)

Semiconductor & Dimensional Metrology Division
Dr. David G. Seiler, Chief

General Information:
Lori A. Guariglia, Secretary
301-975-2054 Telephone
301-869-6021 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8120
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8120