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NIST Precision Measurement Grants for 2009


Proposal Evaluation Criteria

There is some latitude in research topics that will be considered under the Precision Measurement Grants Program. The key requirements is that the proposed project support NIST's ongoing work in the field of basic measurement science, which includes:

  • Experimental and theoretical studies of fundamental physical phenomena which test the basic laws of physics or which may lead to new or improved fundamental measurement methods and standards.

  • The determination of important fundamental physical constants

Proposals from workers at the assistant and associate professor level who have some record of accomplishment are especially encouraged in view of the comparative difficulty researchers have in obtaining funds at the early stages of their careers.

Evaluation criteria:

  1. The importance of the proposed research - Does it have the potential of answering some currently pressing question or of opening up a whole new area of activity?

  2. The relationship of the proposed research to NIST's ongoing work - Will it support one of NIST’s current efforts to develop a new or improved fundamental measurement method or physical standard, test the basic laws of physics, or provide an improved value for a fundamental constant?

  3. The feasibility of the research and the potential impact of the grant - Is it likely that significant progress can be made in a three year time period with the funds and personnel available and that the funding will enable work that would otherwise not be done with existing or potential funding?

  4. The qualifications of the applicant - Does the educational and employment background and the quality of the research, based on recent publications, of the applicant indicate that there is a high probability that the proposed research will be carried out successfully?

Each of these factors is given equal weight in the evaluation process.