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Precision measurement of F2 laser lines

The wavelengths of six spectral lines emitted by a molecular fluorine laser (F2) laser at 157 nm were recently measured to high accuracy with our 10.7 m normal-incidence spectrometer. Because the index of refraction of optical materials used in this range varies rapidly as a function of wavelength, it is important that the laser wavelength is known to high accuracy.

Lines from a platinum-neon hollow cathode lamp served as the wavelength standards. The optical paths for the lamp and laser were overlapped with a periscope-beamsplitter assembly to prevent line position shifts arising from possible differences in grating illumination.  Several new lasing transitions were observed in the course of this work.

For more details, please see the report on this work: C.J. Sansonetti, J. Reader, and K. Vogler, Appl. Opt. 40, 1974-1978 (2001).