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Technical Highlights Atomic Physics Division


The strategy of the Atomic Physics Division is to develop and apply atomic physics research methods, and particulary the interaction between atoms and electromagnetic fields, to achieve fundamental advances in measurement science--some at the quantum limit--relevant to industry and the technical community, and to produce and critically compile physical reference data.



Strategic Focus Areas:



Light-Matter Interactions and Atom Optics  -  to advance the physics of electromagnetic-matter interactions, to explore new applications for laser cooled and trapped atoms, to study exotic states of matter, and to study and control many-body quantum systems.


Nanoscale and Quantum Metrology  -  to advance measurement science at the atomic and nanometer scale, focusing on precision optical metrology, quantum devices, nanoscale plasmas and nanooptical systems.


Critically Evaluated Atomic Data  -  to produce reference data on atomic structure, to critically compile reference data for scientific and technological applications, and to develop techniques to apply the data to further the understanding of important plasma devices.

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