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Advanced Linear and Nonlinear Optical metrology in support of next-generation Lithography


High precision linear and nonlinear optics of next-generation lithographic techniques is measured and characterized to enable these technologies.


This project investigates linear and nonlinear optical issues relevant to advanced lithography and other optical technologies. The approach is to explore potential measurement needs and possible optical problems ahead of, or in the early stages of, commercial technology development, and to help develop timely solutions. This is made possible by unique, NIST-developed refractometry, birefringence, UV interferometry, and scanning UV pump-and-probe laser facilities.

Key activities:

*Development of instrumentation to advance the measurement accuracy of key optical properties such as refractive index, birefringence, and thermal- and stress-effects.
*Supply visible and UV measurements to the optics community, especially the optical lithography industry, as needed for next next-generation technologies
*Explore UV nonlinear effects in optical materials, e.g., spatial-dispersion and high-intensity effects, which can cause optical aberrations and material damage.

Start Date:

October 19, 2010

Lead Organizational Unit:


For Technical Inquiries:

Eric Benck, NIST Staff
100 Bureau Drive, M/S8423
Bldg 217/ A239
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

301-975-3697 Telephone
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John Burnett, NIST Staff
100 Bureau Drive, M/S8423
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