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Fundamental Electrical Measurements Group


Welcome to the Fundamental Electrical Measurements Group


Electronic Kilogram—This project provides the basis for a new definition of mass, based on unchanging quantum properties of nature rather than a physical artifact. This is accomplished through a high-accuracy …

Farad and Impedance Metrology—This project aims to provide the world’s best basis for accurate impedance measurements by tying the U.S. legal system of electrical units to the International System of Units (SI) through the …

Quantum Conductance Project/Graphene-Based Quantum Metrology —The goal of the Quantum Conductance Project is to develop graphene metrology for intrinsic electrical standards, specifically near-room-temperature quantum Hall resistance standards.  Graphene is a …

Metrology of the Ohm—Resistance standards traceable to NIST provide references for measurements of current at levels from 2000 A to below 1 pA and are used to support a wide variety of impedance, temperature, strain, …


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