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Quantum Measurement Division


Name Position Phone
Patrick J. Abbott Physicist 301-975-4218
Layla Armitage Group Secretary 301-975-4839
Eric BenckPhysicist301-975-3697
Joshua Bienfang Research Physicist 301-975-2105
Gretchen Campbell Physicist 301-975-4271
Leon Chao Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4763
Kevin L. Chesnutwood Mechanical Engineer 301-975-6653
Akobuije ChijiokePhysicist301-975-3898
Lu Deng Research Physicist 301-975-8348
Randolph Elmquist Physicist 301-975-6591
Kim Emswiler Information Specialist
Allen GoldsteinElectrical Engineer301-975-2101
Gail Griffin-Ferris Administrative Assistant 301-975-5112
Sharon Grove Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-2400
Samuel L. Ho Mechanical Engineer 301-975-6648
Rodrigo Ibacache Information Specialist 301-975-4750
Dean Jarrett Electronics Engineer 301-975-4240
George Jones Physicist 301-975-4225
Andrew Koffman Electronics Engineer 301-975-4518
Marlin Kraft Electronics Engineer 301-975-4239
Alexander Kramida Physicist 301-975-8074
Zeina J. Kubarych Leader, Supervisory Physicist 301-975-6624
Vincent J. Lee Electronics Engineer 301-975-6453
Paul Lett Physicist 301-975-6559
Alan Migdall Group Leader 301-975-2331
Peter J. Mohr Manager 301-975-3217
Alexander MosesMechanical Engineer301-975-4217
Edward MulhernMechanical Engineer301-975-6453
Gillian Nave Physicist 301-975-4311
David Newell Physicist 301-975-4228
Gail NewrockDivision Secretary301-975-3200
Karen Olsen Computer Scientist 301-975-3286
William Phillips Physicist 301-975-6554
Sergey Polyakov Research Physicist 301-975-8473
James "Trey" Porto Physicist 301-975-3238
Dr. Jon R. Pratt Supervisory Mechanical Engineer 301-975-5470
Yuri Ralchenko Group Leader 301-975-3210
Maria SalasSecretary301-975-6624
Stephan Schlamminger Physicist 301-975-3609
Ricky L. Seifarth Physical Scientist 301-975-6652
Gordon A. Shaw Research Chemist 301-975-6614
Scott Shields Physical Science Technician 301-975-4232
Ian Spielman Physicist 301-975-8664
Corey StambaughPhysicist301-975-3281
Joseph N. Tan Physicist 301-975-8985
Yi-hua TangPhysicist301-975-4691
Barry N. Taylor Scientist Emeritus 301-975-4220
Jacob Taylor Research Physicist 301-975-8586
Jason UnderwoodPhysicist301-975-4891
Nick VlajicMechanical Engineer301-975-2615
Yicheng Wang Physicist 301-975-4278
Carl J. WilliamsDivision Chief301-975-3531
Neil ZimmermanPhysicist301-975-5887


Name Position Phone
Prabin Adhikari Graduate Student 301-975-3200
Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic
NIST Associate 301-975-3922
Thomas W. Bartel Guest Researcher 301-975-6461
Blanca Isabel Castro NIST Associate 301-975-4358
Yu-Hsiang Cheng
JQI Postdoctoral Researcher 301-975-4068
Michael Crisp Guest Researcher 301-975-5225
Tapasi Das Guest Researcher 301-975-3202
Ronald C. Dove Guest Researcher 301-975-8084
Joan M. Dreiling Postdoc 301-975-3257
Mathieu Durand NIST Associate 301-975-2777
Darine El Haddad NIST Associate 301-975-6552
Charlotte F. Fischer Guest Researcher 301-975-2099
Jeffrey R. Fuhr Guest Researcher 301-975-3204
John D. Gillaspy Guest Research 301-975-3236
Boris Glebov
JQI Postdoctoral Researcher
Mohammad Hafezi
JQI Fellow 301-975-5159
Albert Henins Contractor 301-975-4848
Shannon M. Hoogerheide Postdoc Research Fellow 301-975-5560
Jiuing Hu Postdoc 301-975-4613
Daniel E. Kelleher Physicist 301-975-3202
Svetlana A. Kotochigova Guest Researcher 301-975-3215
Lee Kumanchik
JQI Postdoctoral Researcher
Shisong Li NIST Associate 301-975-6557
Michael Lin NIST Associate 301-975-4763
Cheh-Wen Liu NIST Associate 301-975-5064
Sunil Mittal
UMd Postdoctoral Fellow
Daniel Paseltiner SURF 301-975-8981
Shamith Payagala NIST Associate 301-975-5531
Yuri A. Podpaly Guest Researcher 301-975-8579
Joseph Reader Guest Researcher 301-975-3222
Alessandro Restelli
JQI Research Scientist 301-975-5686
Edward B. Saloman Contractor 301-975-5554
Craig J. Sansonetti Guest Researcher 301-975-3223
Frank Seifert NIST Associate 301-975-6553
Wolfgang L. Wiese Contractor 301-975-3201
Edwin Williams NIST Associate 301-975-6555
Michael P. Wood Physicist 301-975-2187
Haitan Xu
Postdoctoral Fellow 301-975-3200
Yanfei Yang NIST Associate 301-975-4421
Yinan Yu NIST Associate 301-975-5316
Kwang Min Yu NIST Associate 301-975-4241
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Quantum Measurement Division

Carl J. Williams, Chief

General Information:

Division Secretary:
301-975-3200 Telephone
301-990-1350 FAX

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8420
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8420


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