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Jay H. Hendricks

Jay Hendricks is a world-class expert in low pressure and vacuum metrology, and leads the activities of the NIST Ultrasonic Interferometer manometer primary pressure standards laboratory in the Thermodynamic Metrology Group. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Johns Hopkins University, and his B.S. in chemistry from Penn State University. In 1996, he started his career at NIST as a post-doctoral fellow conducting research on a novel low-temperature CVD that resulted in a US patent.

Dr. Hendricks has 25 years of vacuum science and technology experience and has worked on many aspects of vacuum technology and metrology. His research interests include the development of primary low pressure and vacuum standards, the characterization of resonant silicon gauges, capacitance diaphragm gauges, piston gauges, force-balanced piston gauges, the study of the interaction of water with technical surfaces, and outgassing from vacuum materials. Currently, he is team lead of a 5-year Innovation in Measurement Science project aimed at re-inventing the realization and dissemination of pressure, temperature, and length through the use of optical Fabry-Perot interferometer cavities.

Dr. Hendricks has authored 40 papers on vacuum science/ technology/ metrology, and ion-beam laser spectroscopy. He has presented invited papers at both domestic and international vacuum symposia, and has 5 years of experience as a short-course seminar instructor for the Measurement Science Conference.

Dr. Hendricks enjoys committee work and is an active member of the CCM low and high pressure working groups and the AVS-Mid Atlantic Chapter executive committee. He also chairs or serves on a variety of national and international vacuum standards meetings and symposia including the AVS vacuum technology division program committee, and the International Vacuum Congress vacuum science and technology division program committee.

Jay Hendricks


Acting Group Leader
Sensor Science Division
Thermodynamic Metrology Group

Phone: 301-975-4836