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Gregory F. Strouse

A world-class expert in contact thermometry, Mr. Gregory Strouse has led the activities of the NIST Platinum Resistance Thermometer Laboratory since 1989. Using these facilities, he has extensively investigated and improved the performance of platinum resistance thermometers and the fixed-points used to calibrate them. Mr. Strouse has led the automation and refurbishment of both the NIST Platinum Resistance Thermometer Laboratory and the Industrial Thermometer Calibration Laboratory.

In other research, he has improved the thermodynamic basis of the temperature scale through acoustic thermometry and has developed new thermometer types based on sapphire dielectric resonators.

He is the author of more than 60 papers on thermometry. Mr. Strouse leads regular workshops on the choice of thermometers for the Measurement Science Conference, and leads several international working groups on temperature standards.


Acting Deputy Director
PML Office

Phone: 301-975-4803
Fax: 301-548-0206