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Imagemap of supporting publications and a background photo showing the inside of the 20-liter prover. J. Wright, et al. A comparison of 12 US liquid hydrocarbon flow standards and the transition to safer calibration liquids, Cal Lab Magazine: The International Journal of Metrology, volume 19, issue 2, pages 30 to 38, 2012 J.G. Pope, J.D. Wright, M.R. Moldover, Extended Lee model for turbine meter calibrations with surrogate fluids, Measurement Instrumentation, volume 24, pages 71 to 82 (2012) J.G. Pope, J.D. Wright, and S.D. Sheckels, Tests of the extended Lee model using three different turbine meters, 8th ISFFM conference proceedings, Colorado Springs, CO, June 20 to 22, 2012 J.G. Pope, C.J. Crowley, Removing the Hydrocarbon Liquid from Hydrocarbon Liquid Flow Standards,  Proceedings of the 16th International Flow Measurement Conference FLOMEKO, Paris France, September 24 – 26, 2013.

The image shows a list of four publications by NIST authors and a background photo of the inside of the 20-liter prover. Clicking on one of the four citations brings up the abstract and other information about the publication.

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