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Dana R. Defibaugh

Dana Defibaugh has been a member of the NIST Pressure and Vacuum Group since 2001. During this time he has been involved in realizing, maintaining, and disseminating the national measurement standards for vacuum and low gas flow through calibration-related services, international comparisons, and fundamental and applied research.  He is directly responsible for the NIST primary helium leak artifact calibration service as well as the comparison leak artifact service.  He also contributes his knowledge and expertise with the ion gauge and spinning rotor gauge calibration services.  In NIST work prior to joining the Pressure and Vacuum Group, he has 12 years experience in thermophysical properties of alternative refrigerants with a focus on compressed liquid density, and vapor pressure measurements.  He has co-authored 20+ papers on these subjects. 


Sensor Science Division
Infrared Technology Group

Phone: 301-975-2471