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Fee Schedule for Windowed CsTe Photodiodes


Cesium Telluride (CsTe) photodiodes are available from NIST as transfer standard detectors in the vacuum ultraviolet spectral region. CsTe devices are calibrated in the wavelength range from 116 nm to 254 nm only. At shorter wavelengths, the window is opaque. There is no significant photoemission yield at wavelengths longer than 300 nm or 400 nm. (The exact cutoff depends on the Cs and Te stochiometry and varies among devices.) These devices can be calibrated at wavelengths between 254 nm and the photoemission cutoff by NIST's Optical Technology Division.

In addition to these CsTe detectors, the Vacuum UV Transfer Standard Program issues other types of transfer standard detectors:

The fee sheet for all detector types is available as a PDF file.

Inquiries and orders should be directed to Rob Vest.

Fee Schedules and Ordering Information

Fees shown below are effective 19 Jan 2012.

New photodiodes (includes photodiode and calibration charges)
Range (nm) Det. Type NIST Test No. Fee (U.S. Dollars)
116 - 254 CsTe 40560C $12,733

Recalibration of previously issued photodiodes
Range (nm) Det. Type NIST Test No. Fee (U.S. Dollars)
116 - 254 CsTe 40561C $1,715

Photodiodes being returned to NIST for recalibration must be removed from user fixtures prior to shipment to NIST.

U.S. Orders: Fees are FOB destination (UPS ground). Terms are net 30.

Foreign Orders: It is NIST policy that orders originating from outside the U.S. be paid in advance. The NIST Calibration Program provides information about and makes arrangements for prepayment. Foreign orders will be shipped via air freight. Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.