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PML’s Davis Highlighted in WaPo’s Fed Faces

Dr. Wendy Davis, a vision scientist in Optical Technology Division, was profiled in The Washington Post’s Fed Faces for her role in developing technical standards to accelerate the commercialization and acceptance of solid-state lighting products based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The profile appeared on March 15, 2011.

While solid-state lighting promises to reduce the Nation’s consumption of energy for lighting by half, there are barriers to implementation. Measurement methods developed for traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps do not always apply to LEDs, as typically several color LEDs are combined in a package to obtain a white light source, suitable for use in home or commercial lighting products.

In particular, manufacturers of LEDs have not had reliable methods for determining the color-rendering performance of their products. In response, Davis and her colleagues have proposed a metric, called the Color Quality Scale (CQS), to guide manufacturers in the development of solid-state lighting products. Davis has been working with manufacturers, the Department of Energy, and other stakeholders to gain international acceptance of a color rendering measurement standard for solid-state lighting based on the CQS metric.

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