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Annual Council of Optical Radiation Measurements meeting

On May 5-8, 2009, the Council of Optical Radiation Measurements (CORM) held its annual meeting in Gaithersburg, MD, in cooperation with NIST.  Presentations at this year’s meeting focused on solid state lighting (SSL) standardization and integrating sphere design, measurements, and applications.

PL scientists hosted a NIST workshop on Solid State Lighting Measurements and Standards on the first day for about 40 participants. They presented tutorials on overview of measurement standards for SSL, fundamentals of colorimetry for SSL, NVLAP accreditation for SSL product measurements, and luminous flux and color measurement of high power LEDs.

The PL scientists also offered a tour of NIST laboratories for over 30 participants. Stops on the tour included the Spectrally Tunable Lighting Facility, and laboratories for LED photometry and colorimetry, surface color, spectral irradiance, and laser-based spectral calibration in Optical Technology Division.

The CORM conference was attended by 51 participants, including 15 from NIST and 7 foreigners. They represented industry, research institutes, and government agencies (DOE/PNNL).

CORM is a professional society that provides a forum for discussing optical radiation measurements, and acts as a liaison between the optical radiation measurement community and standardization groups. CORM also advises NIST on optical radiation measurement needs.

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