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Applied Physics Division Group Directories

Division Staff

Name Position Phone
Marla Dowell Division Chief 303-497-7455
Michelle CordovaAdministrative Assistant303-497-5353
Tim DrapelaDivision Safety Rep303-497-5858
Mary Gorman Division Secretary 303-497-4384
Rachel LazcanoGroup Administrative Assistant303-497-4776
Adam McKittrick Administrative Intern 303-497-4384
Marissa Montano Administrative Intern 303-497-4384
Brenda Seader Administrative Officer 303-497-6129
Dan SokolowskiEngineering Technician Trainee303-497-4515
Sue WrightGroup Administrative Assistant303-497-4635

Sources and Detectors Group

John LehmanGroup Leader303-497-3654
Jerome Cheron NIST Affiliate 303-497-4599
Davis Conklin Student Intern N/A
Erich Grossman Physicist 303-497-5102
Josh Hadler Physicist 303-497-4451
Dave Livigni Electronic Engineer 303-497-5898
Natalie Mujica Student Intern 303-497-5102
Kyle Rogers Student Intern N/A
Ivan Ryger NIST Affiliate 303-497-5795
TC Shen NIST Affiliate 303-497-3208
Brian Simonds NRC Post Doc 303-497-3270
Matt Spidell Physicist 303-497-5796
Michelle Stephens Physicist 303-497-3742
Nathan Tomlin Physicist 303-497-4576
Igor Vayshenker Electronics Engineer 303-497-3394
Jonathan Watson NIST Affiliate N/A
Malcolm White NIST Affiliate 303-497-3546
Paul Williams Physicist303-497-3805

Advanced Microwave Photonics Group

Joe AumentadoGroup Leader303-497-4137
Kat Cicak NIST Affiliate 303-497-4606
Jeremy Clark NRC Post Doc 303-497-5959
Jin Jin NIST Affiliate 303-497-3442
Shlomi Kotler NIST Affiliate 303-497-3945
Florent Lococq NIST Affiliate 303-497-3284
Gabe Peterson NIST Affiliate 303-497-5243
Ray Simmonds Physicist 303-497-4403
Adam Sirois NIST Affiliate 303-497-4770
John Teufel Physicist 303-497-5039


Faint Photonics Group

Sae Woo NamGroup Leader303-497-3148
Shane Allman NIST Affiliate 303-497-4832
Shellee Dyer Electronics Engineer 303-497-7463
Jason Evarts Student Intern 303-497-3148
Christopher Leisge Student Intern 303-497-3148
Adriana Lita Material Science Engineer 303-497-4608
Heli Vora NIST Affiliate 303-497-4868

Fiber Sources and Applications Group

Nathan NewburyGroup Leader303-497-4227
Esther Baumann NIST Affiliate 303-497-3789
Hugo Bergeron NIST Affiliate 303-497-3504
Mick Cermak Engineering Technician 303-497-5047
Sean Coburn NIST Affiliate N/A
Ian Coddington Physicist 303-497-4889
Kevin Cossel NRC Post Doc 303-497-4117
Stefan Droste NIST Affiliate 303-497-3475
Fabrizio Giorgetta NIST Affiliate 303-497-4010
Daniel Herman Physicist 303-497-5715
Isaac Khader NIST Affiliate 303-497-5990
Greg Rieker NIST Affiliate 303-497-7837
Paul Schroeder NIST Affiliate 303-497-4190
Laura Sinclair Physicist 303-497-5050
Bennett Sodergren NIST Affiliate N/A
Bill Swann Physicist 303-497-7381
Joe Thompson NIST Affiliate 303-497-5342
Gar-Wing Truong NIST Affiliate 303-497-4751
Brian Washburn NIST Affiliate 303-497-5545
Eleanor Waxman NRC Post Doc 303-497-4483
Robbie Wright NIST Affiliate N/A
Gabe Ycas NIST Affiliate 303-497-3177


Magnetic Imaging Group

John MorelandGroup Leader303-497-3641
Joshua Biller NRC Post Doc 303-497-6240
Mike Boss Physicist 303-497-7854
Jason Brown Student Intern 303-497-4443
Slavka Carnicka NIST Affiliate
Cam Clickner Electronics Technician 303-497-5441
Hannah Erdevig Student Intern 303-497-4059
Janusz Hankiewicz NIST Affiliate N/A
Katy Keenan Bioengineer & Biomedical Engineer 303-497-3665
Sy-Hwang Liou NIST Affiliate N/A
Elizabeth Mirowski NIST Affiliate N/A
Stephen Russek Physicist 303-497-5097
Michael Snow NIST Affiliate N/A
Karl Stupic Chemist 303-497-4564
Bryan Yunker NIST Affiliate 303-497-5097
Gary Zabow Physicist 303-497-4657

Quantitative Nanostructure Characterization Group

Kris BertnessGroup Leader303-497-5069
Samuel Berweger NIST Affiliate 303-497-3950
Paul Blanchard Physicist 303-497-4799
Matt Brubaker NIST Affiliate 303-497-4167
Kristen Genter NIST Affiliate 303-497-3997
Pavel Kabos Physicist 303-497-3997
Kyle Miller NIST Affiliate N/A
Alexana Roshko Materials Scientist 303-497-5420
Norm Sanford Physicist 303-497-5239
Bryan Spann NIST Affiliate 303-497-3467
Mitch Wallis Physicist 303-497-5089
Joel Weber NRC Post Doc 303-497-4791
Jenn Xian Student Intern N/A


Quantum Nanophotonics Group

Rich MirinGroup Leader303-497-7955
Sonia Buckley NRC Post Doc 303-497-6639
Cale Gentry NIST Affiliate 303-497-7463
Thomas Gerrits NIST Affiliate 303-497-4661
Todd Harvey Physicist 303-497-3340
Stephan Krapick NIST Affiliate 303-497-5067
Bjorn Kriete NIST Affiliate
Corey McDonald NIST Affiliate 303-497-4153
Luis Miaja Avila Physicist 303-497-5687
Galan Moody Physicist 303-497-3944
Nima Nader NIST Affiliate 303-497-3746
Jeff Shainline Physicist 303-497-6292
Krister Shalm NIST Affiliate 303-497-3094
Kevin Silverman Physicist 303-497-7948
Marty Stevens Electronics Engineer 303-497-4740
Varun Verma NIST Affiliate 303-497-4800


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Physical Measurement Laboratory

Applied Physics Division

Marla Dowell, Division Chief


General Information:

Division Secretary: Mary Gorman
303-497-4384 Telephone
303-497-7671 FAX

Mail Stop 815.00
Boulder, CO 80305


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