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News in PML - Sources and Detectors Group

  • Optical Clocks Synched to Femtoseconds Over Air

  • 2014
  • John Lehman Receives Rabinow Award

  • Portable Frequency Comb Rolls Out of the Lab

  • Illegal Laser Strikes on Aircraft

  • 2013
  • Cromer, Lehman, and Li Receive French Award

  • Igor Vayshenker Receives Rocky Mountain Eagle Award

  • Marla Dowell Receives 2012 Allen V. Astin Award

  • Force to be Reckoned With: NIST Measures Laser Power with Portable Scale

  • NIST Carbon Nanotube Chips Go Ballooning for Climate Science

  • NIST Demonstrates Transfer of Ultraprecise Time Signals over a Wireless Optical Channel

  • Super-Nanotubes: 'Remarkable' Spray-on Coating Combines Carbon Nanotubes with Ceramic

  • NIST's 'Nanotubes on a Chip' May Simplify Optical Power Measurements

  • 2012
  • Nathan Newbury Receives Flemming Award

  • Ian Coddington Receives PECASE

  • Laser Radiometry: Powering Up

  • 2011
  • Prototype NIST Device Measures Absolute Optical Power in Fiber at Nanowatt Levels

  • John Lehman Receives Rocky Mountain Eagle Award

  • John Lomax Receives Crittenden Award

  • Joshua Hadler Receives NIST Safety Award

  • Nathan Newbury Elected OSA Fellow

  • Ultra-precise LIDAR Group Receives DOC Silver Medal

  • 2009 Allen V. Astin Award for Waveform Metrology

  • Marla Dowell Receives 2009 Arthur S. Flemming Award

  • Piece of Cake: Arrays of Long Nanotubes May Help Measure Terahertz Laser Power

  • 2010
  • Extreme Darkness: Carbon Nanotube Forest Covers NIST’s Ultra-dark Detector

  • 2009
  • EEEL’s New Optical Performance Monitoring of Polarization Impairment in Optical Fiber Communication, Oct 2009

  • New NIST Method Reveals All You Need to Know About ‘Waveforms’

  • Lehman, Cromer, and Li Receive 2008 FLC Technology Transfer Award

  • Applying Neural Networks

  • Uncertainty Analysis for Pulse Parameters

  • NIST’s LIDAR May Offer Peerless Precision in Remote Measurements

  • New Nanotube Coating Enables Novel Laser Power Meter

  • Vibrationally Robust Frequency Comb

  • 2006
  • NIST Laser-Based Method Cleans Up Grubby Nanotubes

  • 2005
  • Laser Measurements Seminar

  • Laser Applications Heat Up for Carbon Nanotubes
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