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Ion Storage Group


Ion Storage Group members Spring 2016Ion Storage Group - Spring 2016

We conduct experiments on atomic ions that are confined in electromagnetic traps and laser-cooled, in some cases, to the ground state of motion. Experiments employ RF (Paul) traps and Penning traps.

Precision spectroscopy experiments have applications to clocks and tests of fundamental interactions. Three main project areas are:

(1) RF-trap-based optical spectroscopy that requires ultra-stable lasers with application to accurate clocks

(2) Penning trap experiments, devoted to fundamental studies of liquid and crystalline plasmas and quantum-information processing and

(3) RF-trap studies of quantum-state engineering and entanglement with application to quantum-information processing, spectroscopy, and tests of quantum mechanics.


Selected Publications of the Ion Storage group

fiber cross section
Center section of a photonic crystal fiber with a single mode field of ultraviolet light propagating in the solid core. For details click on the links above. Image by Daniel Slichter NIST.

Dave Wineland, Group Leader

General Information:
303-497-3295 Telephone
303-497-6461 Facsimile

325 Broadway, M/S 847
Boulder, CO 80305