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Time and Frequency Division Seminars and Workshops

40th Annual NIST Time and Frequency Metrology Seminar 

June 2-5, 2015
Boulder, Colorado

The most comprehensive seminar on the subject of time and frequency, the 40th Annual NIST Time and Frequency Metrology seminar will teach what you need to know about these topics:

  • Characteristics of clocks and oscillators
  • The making of precision time and frequency measurements
  • Synchronizing precision time systems
  • Comparisons of analog vs. all-digital PM measurements
  • GPS, Glonass (Russia), Galileo (European Union), and QZSS (Japan)
  • Photonic Oscillators
  • Chip-scale atomic clocks
  • Femtosecond laser dividers

The 23rd Annual NIST-ATIS Workshop on Synchronization in Telecommunications Systems (WSTS 2014)

June 10-12, 2014 San Jose, California

The NIST-ATIS Workshop on Synchronization in Telecommunication Systems (WSTS) is the premier North American event focused on state-of-the-art clock synchronization issues. With a steering group of 25 leading international experts, the workshop provides in-depth coverage of industry-critical issues while maintaining product and company neutrality.

Time and frequency synchronization are critical enablers of next generation communications systems as well as the Internet of Things. The NIST-ATIS workshop highlights both developing sync requirements and deployment strategies for new sync systems and standards. This makes WSTS your primary source for information about the effects of evolving synchronization systems on network operators and equipment manufacturers.