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Electromagnetics Division


The Electromagnetics Division develops and promotes electromagnetic measurements, standards, and technology to support a broad range of technical needs. The Division’s programs focus on accurate and reliable measurements throughout the radio spectrum, in particular at radio and microwave frequencies. Key program directions include: (1) the development of advanced measurement technologies required by both research-and-development and manufacturing communities; (2) the development and characterization of standard reference artifacts, measurement methods, and services that provide the basis for international recognition of measurements; and (3) the provision of expert technical support for national and international standards activities. We carry out our programs in close coordination with appropriate colleagues in industry, academia, and other government agencies to ensure that we are responsive to their most pressing measurement needs. Examples that indicate the breadth of areas influenced by our programs include high-speed microelectronics for computation and telecommunications, advanced antenna systems for applications in military radars and deep space communications, remote observation of the Earth’s biosphere, acquisition and quantitative characterization of high-speed waveforms, medical diagnostic imaging, and reliable communications for our nation’s emergency first responders. more...

EEEL Staff Member Wins the IEEE EMC Society Stoddart Award

Dr. Chris Holloway of the EEEL Electromagnetics Division was awarded the 2008 IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Stoddart Award. more...


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