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Magnetics Group


The Magnetics Group develops measurement technology for industries broadly concerned with magnetic information storage and biomagnetic imaging, spanning the range from practical engineering to theoretical modeling. The group disseminates the results of its research through publications in peer-reviewed journals, presentations at conferences and workshops, and participation in standards organizations.


Biomagnetic Imaging Standards and Microsystems—The Magnetics Group's program in biomagnetic imaging standards and microsystems develops calibration standards and new types of magnetic contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging. Magnetic …

Magnetodynamics and Spin Electronics—The Magnetics Group's program in magnetodynamics and spin electronics develops new measurement techniques to characterize the high frequency properties and performance of nanomagnetic structures …

Superconductor Electromechanics—The Magnetics Group's program in superconductor electromechanics has moved to the University of Colorado. Contact principal investigators,, …