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Radio-Frequency Fields Group


The Radio-Frequency Fields Group conducts theoretical and experimental research necessary for the accurate measurement of free-space electromagnetic field quantities; for the characterization of antennas, probes and antenna systems; for the development of effective methods for electromagnetic compatibility assessment; for the measurement of radar cross section and radiated noise; and for providing measurement services for essential parameters.


Antenna Metrology—Antennas are the eyes, ears and voices of everything from cell phones to interplanetary spacecraft. The Antenna Metrology Program carries on PML's pioneering work on testing high-end antennas for …

Wireless Systems Metrology—Imagine how much safer a fire fighter's job would be if it were possible for a robot to navigate in a burning building and locate those in need of assistance. The Wireless Systems Metrology Program …

Field Parameter Metrology—Consider the consequences if nearby electronics could interfere with a jet's instruments or cause an automobile to stall. The Field Parameter Metrology Program develops ways of measuring …


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