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Wesley Chiu

University: Binghamton University
Major: Electrical Engineering
Gradation Date: Spring 2010
Hometown: Smithtown , NY

My Project:  The development of Through Barrier Radar systems using RF-based technologies have vastly improved in their ability to detect either moving objects or persons behind barriers or walls. These technologies can be vital tools for military personnel, law enforcement, and emergency response teams and can aid in locating and determining weapons, suspects or civilians. However, currently there is no standard to assess and evaluate these systems and a standardized set of metrics must be developed. To accomplish this goal, a Through Barrier Radar system capable of transmission frequencies between 3.3GHz – 3.9GHz was acquired to test its capabilities in different scenarios. It contains two transmitters and three receivers to calculate velocity, range, elevation and azimuth of moving objects. The system was placed behind various walls with targets on the opposite side with the intent on analyzing the signal reflected off the target. A small 20cm x 20cm aluminum plate attached to a mechanical shaker capable of varying amplitude and frequency was used target. The moving plate created the Doppler reflection of the radar waves to simulate a standing or moving person. Tests were aimed at determining signal loss through specific types of walls; the farthest distance the system could detect a target, and the effect of varying transmission frequency.

About Me:  I have always had a passion for math and science and it has guided me toward a career in electrical engineering. I am currently a rising senior at Binghamton University. I plan to attend graduate school for an M.S specializing in control systems. I greatly enjoyed my time as a SURF student at NIST and learned alot about how radar works. I had fun meeting other SURF students from around the country and would love to return to NIST in the future.

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Wesley Chiu