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Retail Motor Fuel Dispenser Training Video

See the NEW video demonstrating the minimum tests of a retail motor fuel dispenser (gasoline pump) in accordance with NIST Handbook 44. Short videos are also available for each of the tests that are included in the full length video by clicking on the link below.

Retail Motor Fuel Dispenser Short Training Videos:

  • Selecting & Maintaining the Test Standard,
  • Wetting the Standard,
  • Normal & Slow Flow Test,
  • Leveling,
  • Reading the Meniscus,
  • Draining A Test Measure or Prover, and
  • Anti-Drain Test

NIST Handbook 44 Self-Study Course

Cover and Table of Contents DOC

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Course DOC

Chapter 2 - Background DOC

Chapter 3 – Organization and Format of NIST Handbook 44 DOC

Chapter 4 - How to Use NIST Handbook 44 DOC

Chapter 5 - Basic Principles Underlying NIST Handbook 44 DOC

Test Videos

Video 1 - HB44 - Primary

Video 2 - Clean Sweep

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