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Tour de France

france-smBicycling competitors will cover about 3500 km between London, Great Britain and Paris, France. This link illustrates the demanding route and individual stages.

tour-de-franceUp-to-date information on the Tour de France 2011 can be found at the official site.

Metric Biking Events

Eiffel_TowerCycling tour information for Paris and other European locations can be found on Q. May's page.

bicycle-6The Metric Century is a 100 km bicycle challenge ride. Discover a great bicycling journey! Take the challenge by finding your ride.

Metric Measurement

bikeVisit Cycling News for techniques that customize cyclist positioning to improve performance.

bike2Competition Bicycle Size/ Proportions Analysis.

bicycle3-smThe Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute provides valuable bicycle gear and safety resources. You can obtain additional information on Metric Gear Ratio Measurements.

bicycle2Determine Bicycling Speed Math.

usa-trackCourse Measurement and Certification Procedures, USA Track and Field Road Running Technical Council.

Bicycle Safety

bike-helmetBicycle Helmet Standards utilize metric measurements when evaluating safety performance. Learn more from the Bicycle Safety Institute.

nhtsa-sm National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides helpful tips on their Bicycle Safety Program. Bike Tour safety training for kids is also available through NHTSA.

safekidslogoSafe Kids Worldwide provides bicycling safety tips.



Pass cyclist safely - A Metre Matters.

Sporting Organization

USACHeaderLogo-smUSA Cycling Federation.

us-handcycling-smUnited States Handcycling Federation.

us-deaf-cyclingUnited States Deaf Cycling Association.

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