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The Metric System (SI)


1300 kg Small Automobile
70 kg Large Dog (Great Dane)
10 kg Bicycle
5 kg Cat
850 g Baseball Bat
270 g NCAA Volleyball
150 g Cell Phone
46 g Golf Ball
5 g
Nickel Coin ($0.05)
2.5 g
Penny Coin ($0.01)
1 g Currency Note (regardless of denomination)
600 mg Cotton Ball


43 km NIST to The Whitehouse
90 m Football Field (Length)
3 m 2 Lane Highway (Width)
1 m NCAA Volleyball Net (Width)
153 mm Currency ($5 Bill)
66 cm NCAA Volleyball (Circumference)
19 cm Pencil
1 mm Thickness of a Dime
7 um Average Human Hair


1 ML Olympic Swimming Pool
235 L Bathtub
5 L Blood in Human Body
4L Full Human Stomach
3.79 L Gallon of Milk
355 mL Soda Pop Can
200 mL Juice Box
80 mL Empty Human Stomach
15 mL Eye Drop Bottle


162 m²
(9 m) x (18 m)
NCAA Volleyball Court
616 cm²
(22 cm) x (28 cm)
Office Paper
5.28 cm²
(2.2 cm) x (2.4 cm)
First Class Postage Stamp


5600 °C
Surface of the Sun
100 °C
Water Boils
37 °C
Human Body Temperature
20 °C
Room Temperature
0 °C
Water Freezes

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