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State Weights and Measures Laws

Alaska Statutes

Note: Click on "Current Alaska Statutes". Search Current Alaska Statues for: Chapter 45.75. Click on gray button showing hits. Click on "+" before "Chapter 45.75"

Arkansas Statutes

Note: Click on "Arkansas Code"; at top of page select "Code Search Button"; enter "weights and measures" in search box (without quotes), and then Select "Chapter 18: Weights and Measures".

Arizona Statutes

Note: Scroll down to "Our Commitment" and select "Legal". Laws are listed by topics.

California Statutes

Note: Scroll down to Division 5. The laws are in the area of California Business and Professions Code.

Colorado Statutes PDF


  • Title 43 - Connecticut Statutes
  • Chapter 250 - Gasoline and Motor Oil Sales
  • Chapter 296 - Operation of Fuel Supply Business
  • Chapter 736 - Unfair Sales Practices
  • Title 43 - Weights and Measures
    Note: Use the search engine and cite the "chap_ _ _"

Florida Statutes

Click on "Title XXXIII - Regulations of Trade, Commerce, Investments, & Solicitation"
Click on "Chapter 531 - Weights, Measures, and Standards"

Georgia Statutes

Idaho Statutes

Illinois Statutes


  • 214 - Commercial Weights and Measures Devices - Motor Fuel Pumps
  • 214A - Motor Vehicle Fuel
  • 215 - Inspection of Weights and Measures
  • 215A - Moisture Measuring Devices

Kansas Statutes

Note: Under "Find a Statute using the Statute Table of Contents," select "Chapter 83, Weights and Measures" and click on "List Articles in Chapter."

Massachusetts Statutes

Michigan Statutes

Minnesota Statutes

Mississippi Statues

Note: Scroll down to "Weights and Measures"

Missouri Statutes

Nebraska Weights and Measures Act

New York Statutes

Note: Scroll down to Laws and Regulations. They are in PDF format.

Nevada Statutes

New Hampshire Rules and Laws

Select "Bureau of Weights and Measures"

North Dakota Statutes

Ohio Weights and Measures Laws

Note: In the "Search" box enter "weights and measures"

Oregon Statutes

Pennsylvania Statutes

Rhode Island Statutes

South Dakota Codified Laws and Administrative Rules

Utah Statutes

Vermont Statutes

West Virginia Statutes

Note: Reference Chapter 47, Article 1. Weights and Measures

Wyoming Statutes

Note: Please go to State Statutes, Wyoming Statutes, Title 40, Trade and Commerce, Chapter, Weights and Measures Law.

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