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Weights and Measures Newsletter Archives - General/Miscellaneous

Series/J-XXX Key Words Article Issue
J-001 E-Commerce L&R Committee to Consider Proposal Affecting E-Commerce and Catalog Sales November 2000
J-002 E-Commerce
NIST Workshop
Internet Shopping
NIST Hosts E-Business Workshop May 2001
J-003 E-Business
Internet Shopping
E-Business -- Shop Safely November 2002
J-004 Metric Transition Transition to the Metric System - A Window of Opportunity March 2003
J-005 Industry Standards
Legal Requirements
Industry Standards versus Legal Requirements May 2003
J-006 no entry Document moved and renumbered see below. April 2015
J-007 Audit Trails Inspecting Equipment with Audit Trails December 2003
J-008 Accuracy Testing
Repeatability Testing
Accuracy and Repeatability Testing -- What's the Difference? February 2004
J-009 Repeatability Tolerances How to Apply Repeatability Tolerances May 2004
J-010 NIST Handbook 44 Using NIST Handbook 44 November 2004
J-011 Quantity Inspections
Quality Inspections
Quantity Versus Quality -- Taking Shortcuts March 2005
J-012 New Technology Changing Technology and the Weights & Measures Official November 2005
J-013 Calibration Who's Who in Calibration Accreditation? November 2005
J-014 NTEP CCs
Suitability of equipment
Suitability of Installation and Variations of Weighing and Measuring Devices Covered by an NTEP CC March 2006
J-015 Standards Development Process
Submission of Issues
Adoption of Weights and Measures Device Standards
Standards Development Process and Submission of Issues June 2007
J-016 Purpose of NIST Handbook 44 Technical Requirements Examination Procedure Outlines (EPOs)
NIST Training Seminars
Technical Supoort form NIST Staff
Field Manuals
Device Inspection - Where to Find Help June 2007
J-017 Maintenance tolerance Acceptance tolerance Applying Correct Tolerances September 2007
J-018 Handbook 44, General
Code (G-UR.1.1.)
Suitability of Equipment
Suitability of Equipment - Interpreting and Applying NIST Handbook 44 General Code Paragraph G-UR.1.1. Winter 2009
J-019 Weights and Measures NIST Weights and Measures Division: Our Roles and Responsibilities April 2010
J-020 Training Training Excellence: What Does It Look Like? August 2012
J-021 Thermometers Calibration Temperature sensing NIST Launches New Website to Educate Industry about Alternatives to Mercury Thermometers March 2013
J-022 Training Education IACET CEU Office of Weights and Measures Receives Important “Continuing Education” Accreditation June 2013
J-023 ATM Alternative test methods U.S. National Working Group on Alternative Test Methods, Field Task Group Activities December 2014
J-024 Unit pricing guide Consumer Value comparisons SP1181 New Best Practices Guide Shows Unit Pricing Is a Great Deal! February 2015
J-026 Weights and measures week Seminars Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs, Washington, D.C./Launches a Week of Seminars to Celebrate Weights and Measures Week March 2016
J-027 NIST, website, OWM The Office of Weights and Measure (OWM): Our Website is Getting a New Look/BETA Launch is Here! June 2016
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