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Weights and Measures Newsletter Archives - Grain Moisture Meters/NIR

Series/C-XXX Key Words Article Issue
C-001 NIR
Moisture Basis
Near Infrared (NIR) Device Inspection and Moisture Basis November 2002
C-002 GMM
Test Weight
New Requirements for Grain Moisture Meters Capable of Measuring Test Weight February 2004
C-003 Testing Grain Moisture Meters
Testing Grain Moisture Meters (GMMs) May 2004
C-004 Grain Moisture Meters
Dielectric technology
Air-oven reference method
What do Grain Moisture Meters Measure and How are they Calibrated? September 2006
C-005 Grain Moisture Meters Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series Part 1 - Overview of GMM Series Topics November 2006
C-006 Economic impact
Grain moisture meters
Moisture loss
Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series Part 2 - The Economic Impact of Errors in Moisture Measurements March 2007
C-007 Near infrared technology
Grain moisture
Beer-Lambert Law
Characteristic absorption bands
Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series Part 3 - Grain Moisture Meter Measurement Technology - Near Infrared September 2007
C-008 Analog dispensers
Measurement range
Range of computing elements
Computing capability
Suitability of equipment
Design specifications
Total price computing capability
Total sale capacity
Total volume capacity
Total Sale Capacity for Analog Retail Motor-Fuel Dispensers September 2007
Grain moisture
Temperature Measuring Devices
Field Testing
Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series, Part 4 -
Grain Preparation, Maintenance and Storage of
Grain Transfer Standards, Equipment and
Apparatus, and Field Test Procedures
September 2008
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