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Laboratory Metrology Program


The State Laboratory Program provides the basis for ensuring traceability of state weights and measures standards to NIST. It also conducts basic, intermediate, and advanced training for metrologists from the states, industry, and other countries.


State legal metrology laboratories are custodians at the State level of measurement standards that serve as the basis for ensuring equity in the marketplace and as reference standards for calibration services for indigenous industry. As part of its program to encourage a high degree of technical and professional competence in such activities, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Weights and Measures Division (WMD) has developed performance standards and formalized procedures for Recognition of State legal metrology laboratories on a voluntary basis. Certificates of Measurement Traceability are issued upon evaluation of the laboratory's ability to make reliable metrological measurements (principally mass, volume, length, and temperature).

Major Accomplishments:

Template Round Robin Analysis File

A NEW Version of the template round robin file is now available for use. It includes a checklist for preparing a draft report and additional guidance on selecting reference values when performing the analysis. Please submit my comments or questions as noted in the file. See Proficiency Testing Tools.

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Building 222


Georgia Harris
Val Miller
Elizabeth Gentry

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