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people-talkingU.S. National Work Group on Measuring Systems for Electric Vehicle Fueling and Submetering

The U.S. National Work Group (USNWG) has been formed to develop proposed requirements for commercial electricity-measuring devices (including those used in sub-metering electricity at residential and business locations and those used to measure and sell electricity dispensed as a vehicle fuel) and to ensure that the prescribed methodologies and standards facilitate measurements that are traceable to the International System of Units (SI). This work is not intended to address utility metering in the home or business where the electricity metered is consumed by the end purchaser.

The USNWG will review and propose changes as needed to:

  1. Draft requirements for equipment used to measure and sell electricity in commercial applications for possible inclusion in NIST Handbook 44 (HB 44), ‘‘Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices’’; and
  2. Draft procedures for type evaluation, laboratory, and field testing of equipment for possible inclusion in NIST Examination Procedure Outlines and other procedure documents.

Included among the topics to be discussed by the USNWG for current and emerging device technologies used in commercial electric measuring systems are: (1) Method-of-sale requirements; (2) metrology laboratory standards and test procedures; (3) uncertainties; (4) measurement traceability; (5) tolerances and other technical requirements for commercial measuring systems; (6) existing standards for testing equipment; (7) field implementation; (8) data analysis; (9) field test and type evaluation procedures; (10) field enforcement issues; (11) training at all levels; and (12) other relevant issues identified by the USNWG.

The USNWG’s technical output may result in the revision of current standards or the development of new standards for testing equipment, including documents such as the NIST Handbook 105 Series for field standards; NIST HB 44, and NIST Examination Procedure Outlines, as well as proposed changes to requirements and testing procedures for commercial devices and systems used to assess charges to consumers for electric vehicle fuel.

Next Meeting:
1:00 – 5:00 p.m. [ET] April 22, 2015; Tele/Web Conference
USNWG Operating Guidelines:



Meeting Summaries:

USNWG EVF& MTG SUMMARY 29AUG2012 rev 29Nov2012

USNWG EVF&S MTG SUMMARY 15-17Jan2013 rev 4Jun2013

USNWG EVF&S MTG SUMMARY 26Mar2013 rev 25Jun2013

Meeting Agendas:

August 29, 2012; EVF&S USNWG Meeting Agenda; Tele/Web Conference

January 15-17, 2013; EVF&S USNWG Meeting Agenda; Gaithersburg, MD

March 26, 2013; EVF&S USNWG Meeting Agenda; Tele/Web Conference

June 11, 2013; EVF&S USNWG Meeting Agenda; Tele/Web Conference

October 30, 2013, EVF&S USNWG Meeting Agenda; Tele/Web Conference

Latest Codes: NIST Handbook 130 (2014) Method of Sale Regulation for Electricity as Vehicle Fuel
Latest Draft Codes:

Document 1: Draft (SEP2014) NIST Handbook 44 Device Code Requirements for Electric Vehicle Fueling

Document 2: NIST Handbook 44 – 2014: 1.10. General Code Requirements

Document 3: NIST Handbook 44 – 2014: September 2014 USNWG EVF&S’s Recommended Modifications to Section 5.55 Timing Devices Code for Electric Vehicle Fueling

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