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Visually Impaired Transcript for "NIST Illustrated"
(NIST Overview Video)

VISUAL: Fade up from black to white screen. Fade in head and shoulders view of NIST Director Patrick Gallagher on left side of screen while artist's hand draws NIST logo and words "National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce" on right side of screen. As Gallagher speaks, his name and title appear below his image.

Patrick Gallagher, NIST Director: "One interesting aspect of the NIST mission is its direct focus on promoting innovation.

VISUAL: NIST logo and words disappear from right side of screen. Artist's hand appears and writes the words "HOW DOES A MEASUREMENT AGENCY SUPPORT INNOVATION?"

Gallagher: "And a fair question is to ask, "How does a measurement agency support innovation?"

VISUAL: Words disappear and Gallagher's image fades from screen. Artist's hand appears and draws man wearing safety goggles measuring cylinder with caliper device.

Gallagher: "If you know how to measure it, then you can begin to learn how to control it …"

VISUAL: Artist's hand draws conveyor belt with press above it. As press strikes belt, it leaves a new cylinder.

Gallagher: "To design it … And to shape it."

VISUAL: Cylinder gets small and goes to center of screen. Around it, artist's hand draws a turbine. Finished turbine gets smaller and artist's hand draws jet engine and then entire plane around it. Plane "takes off" and leaves screen.

Gallagher: "And that's really the essence of technological innovation."

VISUAL: Artist's hand draws kitchen with appliances, father at table feeding his infant son and mother at cabinets. Measurements related to the appliances pop onto the screen.

Gallagher: "The truth of the matter is that measurements permeate every aspect of our lives."

VISUAL: On clear screen, artist's hand draws auto assembly line with robot attaching body to chassis. Measurement related to the process pops onto the screen.

Gallagher: "… from how we make things …"

VISUAL: On clear screen, artist's hand draws jar of peanut butter. Measurement related to the label on jar pops onto the screen.

Gallagher: "… to how we sell things …"

VISUAL: As peanut butter jar moves to left of screen, artist's hand draws pharmacist sorting pills under a chemical formula. Measurement related to pharmacy pops onto the screen.

Gallagher: "… to how we regulate things."

VISUAL: On clear screen, artist's hand draws a doctor's office with a doctor, a mother and a sick child.

Gallagher: "And those NIST measurements underpin the trust and confidence in that entire system."

VISUAL: On clear screen, artist's hand draws different components of a cell phone, then surrounds each part so that it appears to be a puzzle piece.

Gallagher: "Today, most of the technologies that are most important to us are not single stand-alone technologies; they're actually systems of technologies …"

VISUAL: Puzzle pieces come together to form a whole cell phone, then the phone gets smaller and the artist's hand draws a woman holding the phone.

Gallagher: "… that need to work with each other. And that working together is defined through standards."

VISUAL: On clear screen, artist's hand draws icons representing different industries surrounding the NIST logo at the center. As NIST's coordination with government is mentioned, the artist's hand adds an image of the U.S. Capitol, then connects all of the icons on the screen to the NIST logo.

Gallagher: "And in the United States, standard-setting is led by U.S. industry, but NIST plays the critical role in supporting and defining and leading that effort, and also coordinating that effort with the federal government."

VISUAL: On clear screen, artist's hand draws icons of clocks and other timepieces surrounding a radio tower with the NIST logo on it. The timepieces all show different times. When the tower sends out a signal, all of the clocks change to the same time.

Gallagher: "NIST is a very unique agency for several reasons. As a technical agency …"

VISUAL: On clear screen, artist's hand draws three NIST researchers and their experiments -- one each from the 1900s, the 1960s, and the 2000s.

Gallagher: "…most of our work is based on the achievements of our science and our engineers."

VISUAL: Images of the three researchers move to left side of screen. On right side, artist's hand draws an energy-efficient home with a modern windmill next to it. The image is labeled "Today."

Gallagher: "So, we pride ourselves on incredibly deep technical roots."

VISUAL: On clear screen, artist's hand draws five NIST staff on a platform high above five industry people. As NIST collaborations are described, the platform is lowered until the NIST people and the industry people are on an equal level and shake hands. Above them, the phrase "Collaboration → Innovation" appears.

Gallagher: "That role of being very deep technically, and yet not being a regulatory agency, is what allows us to work so closely with industry and with other agencies -- it's part of our magic sauce."

VISUAL: On clear screen, artist's hand draws map of the world and marks capitals in different countries. At the bottom, the artist's hand draws a set of seven rulers of different heights. As standardization of measurement is mentioned, the rulers all change to the same height.

Gallagher: "And NIST participates as part of a fabric of similar organizations around the world to make sure that a system of measurements that we use here works on a global scale."

VISUAL: On clear screen, Gallagher appears. Behind him, artist's hand draws icons of various technologies, devices and systems.

Gallagher: "So in almost every aspect, touch any technology around you, the odds are that NIST played an essential role in making that happen."

VISUAL: Gallagher and icons disappear from screen. They are replaced by the NIST logo and words "National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce." The artist's hand draws four NIST staff behind the logo and then the Web address below it.

VISUAL: Fade to black