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1. Characterization of the NIST Shellfish Standard Reference Material 4358
Published: 3/1/2013
Authors: Svetlana Nour, Kenneth G. Inn, James J Filliben, Hank dan der Gaast, Lee Chung Men, M.D. Calmet, P Povinec, Y Takata, M. Wisdom, K. Nakamura, Pia Vesterbacka, Ching-Chung Huang, S M Vakulovsky
Abstract: A new Shellfish Standard Reference Material (SRM 4358) was developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) via an international intercomparison project that involved 12 laboratories-participants from 9 countries (Table 1). This ...

2. Emergency Radiobioassay Preparedness Exercises through the NIST Radiochemistry Intercomparison Program (NRIP)
Published: 8/1/2011
Authors: Svetlana Nour, Jerome LaRosa, Kenneth G. Inn
Abstract: The present challenge for the international radiobioassay community is to analyze contaminated samples rapidly while maintaining high quality results. NIST runs a radiobioassay measurement traceability testing program to evaluate the radioanalytical ...

3. Ultra-Low Level Plutonium Isotopes in the NIST SRM 4355A (Peruvian Soil-1)
Published: 1/9/2009
Authors: Kenneth G. Inn, Jerome LaRosa, Svetlana Nour, James J Filliben, George Brooks, Stephen Lamont, Rob Steiner, Ross W. Williams, Brad Patton, Debbie Bostick, Gregory Eiden, Steve Petersen, Donna Beals, James Cadieux, Greg Hall, Steve Goldenberg, Stephen Vogt
Abstract: For more than 20 years, countries and their agencies which monitor discharge sites and storage facilities have relied on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard Reference Material (SRM) 4355 Peruvian Soil reference material ...

4. Development of the NIST Rocky Flats Soil Standard
Published: 3/29/2007
Authors: Svetlana Nour, James J Filliben, Kenneth G. Inn
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Rocky Flats Soil-II Standard Reference Material (SRM) is being certified through a statistical analysis of results from an interlaboratory comparison of 14 laboratories from 4 countries. ...

5. Investigation of Radioactivity in Selected Drinking Water Samples From Maryland
Published: 3/29/2007
Authors: Iisa Outola, Svetlana Nour, Hiromu Kurosaki, Kenneth G. Inn, J J La Rosa, Larry Lee Lucas, Peter Volkovitsky, Kevin Koepenick
Abstract: In 2004, levels of radioactivity exceeding federal drinking water standards were found in two separate areas of Maryland through gross alpha and beta screening measurements. It was desired to know which radionuclides were responsible for the acti ...

6. Using Monte Carlo Methods to Estimate Efficiencies of Gamma-Ray Emitters With Complex Geometries
Published: 3/2/2007
Authors: Svetlana Nour, Matthew Mille, Kenneth G. Inn
Abstract: In the event of a radioactive disaster, one of the biggest tasks is to estimate the radiation dosage received by people to determine the actions of emergency response teams. The first and the most rapid screening method of internally contamina ...

7. Development of a Radioanalytical Emergency Procedures Manual Database (REPMD)
Published: 8/1/2006
Authors: J J La Rosa, P Motabar, Kenneth G. Inn, H Ziegler
Abstract: A Radioanalytica Emergency Procedures Manual Database (REPMD) will be an important tool assist laboratories preparing for emergency response to a sudden release of radioactitivy into the environment. The collection and systematic organization of exis ...

8. Characterization of the NIST Seaweed Standard Reference Material
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: O Outola, J Filliben, Kenneth G. Inn, Jerome LaRosa, C A McMahon, G A Peck, J Twining, S G Tims, L K Fifield, P Smedley, M P Ant {?}n, C Gasc {?}, P Povinec, M K Pham, A Raaum, H -J Wei, G C Krijger, P Bouisset, A E Litherland, W E Kieser, M Betti, L Aldave de las heras, G H Hong, E Holm, L Skipperud, A V Harms, A Arinc, M Youngman, D Arnold, H Wershofen, D S Sill, S Bohrer, H Dahlgaard, I W Croudace, P E Warwick, T K Ik{amlat}heimonen, S Klemola, S M Vakulovsky, J A Sanchez-cabeza

9. Development of a Radioanalytical Emergency Procedures Manual Database (REPMD)
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Jerome LaRosa, P Motabar, Kenneth G. Inn, H Ziegler

10. In Search of Higher Sensitivity: Pu-Isotopic Analysis
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Hiromu Kurosaki, D Chang, Kenneth G. Inn

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