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1. Detecting GNSS Spoofing using a Network of Hardware Oscillators
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 3/11/2016
Authors: Dhananjay Anand, Tanvir Md Arafin, Gang Qu
Abstract: In the face of growing concern about spoofing attacks on GNSS transmissions, we propose a scheme to cross validate GNSS based timing against intrinsic properties of local hardware oscillators. We demonstrate our approach as being able to detect c ...

2. Towards a Reconfigurable Distributed Testbed to Enable Advanced Research and Development of Timing and Synchronization in Cyber-Physical Systems
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 12/9/2015
Authors: Aviral Shrivastava, J C Eidson, Marc Abbott Weiss, YaShian Li-Baboud, Hugo Andrade, Patricia Derler, Kevin Stanton
Abstract: Timing and synchronization play a key role in advanced cyber-physical systems (CPS). Precise timing, as often required in safety-critical CPS, depends on hardware support for enforcement of periodic measure, compute, and actuate cycles. For general C ...

3. A compact optically coherent fiber frequency comb
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 8/18/2015
Authors: Laura C Sinclair, Jean-Daniel Deschenes, Lindsay Irene Sonderhouse, William C Swann, Isaac Hansen Khader, Esther Baumann, Nathan Reynolds Newbury, Ian R Coddington
Abstract: We describe design and operation of a robust self-referenced, optically coherent frequency comb. The system robustness is derived from a combination of an optics package based on polarization-maintaining fiber, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) detect ...

4. Dielectric characterization by microwave cavity perturbation corrected for non-uniform fields
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 7/23/2014
Authors: Nathan D Orloff, Jan Obrzut, Christian J Long, Thomas F. Lam, James C Booth, David R Novotny, James Alexander Liddle, Pavel Kabos
Abstract: The non-uniform fields that occur due to the slot in the cavity through which the sample is inserted and those due to the sample geometry itself decrease the accuracy of dielectric characterization by cavity perturbation at microwave frequencies. ...

5. Time-domain stabilization of carrier-envelope phase in femtosecond light pulses
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 5/7/2014
Authors: Young-Jin Kim, Ian R Coddington, William C Swann, Nathan Reynolds Newbury, Joohyung Lee, Seungchul Kim, Seung-Woo Kim
Abstract: We report a time-domain method of stabilizing the carrier-envelope phase (CEP) of femtosecond pulses. Temporal variations of the pulse envelope and the carrier electric-field phase were separately detected with the aid of intensity cross-correlat ...

6. Operation of an optically coherent frequency comb outside the metrology lab
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 3/13/2014
Authors: Laura C Sinclair, Ian R Coddington, William C Swann, Archita Hati, Kana Iwakuni, Nathan Reynolds Newbury
Abstract: Frequency combs can support cutting-edge measurements in areas that include optical clocks and oscillators, high-accuracy frequency and time transfer, precision spectroscopy from the UV to THz regimes, high-accuracy LIDAR, precise microwave photonic ...

7. Optical phase noise from atmospheric fluctuations and its impact on optical time-frequency transfer
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 2/5/2014
Authors: Laura C Sinclair, Fabrizio Raphael Giorgetta, William C Swann, Esther Baumann, Ian R Coddington, Nathan Reynolds Newbury
Abstract: The time of flight for a laser beam through the atmosphere will fluctuate as the path-averaged index of refraction varies with atmospheric turbulence, air temperature, and pressure. We measure these fluctuations by transmitting optical pulses fro ...

8. The impact of turbulence on high accuracy time-frequency transfer across free space
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 6/26/2013
Authors: Laura C Sinclair, Fabrizio Raphael Giorgetta, William C Swann, Esther Baumann, Ian R Coddington, Nathan Reynolds Newbury
Abstract: Atmospheric optical path-length variations are measured across a 2-km optical link through a frequency comb-based system with femtosecond-level precision. Without mitigation, the turbulent piston effect will severely restrict time-frequency trans ...

9. Free-space optical time-frequency transfer over 2 km
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 6/9/2013
Authors: William C Swann, Fabrizio Raphael Giorgetta, Laura C Sinclair, Esther Baumann, Ian R Coddington, Nathan Reynolds Newbury
Abstract: Precision free-space time-frequency transfer could advance fields where present microwave-based transfer is inadequate. We demonstrate an optical free-space link with femtosecond timing deviation and residual instability below 10^u−18^ at 1 ...

10. Stabilization of the offset frequency of an all polarization-maintaining fiber erbium frequency comb
Topic: Time and Frequency
Published: 6/9/2013
Authors: Laura C Sinclair, Ian R Coddington, William C Swann, Nathan Reynolds Newbury
Abstract: We demonstrate a completely polarization-maintaining fiber frequency comb operating at a 200 MHz repetition rate and show initial phase-locking of the carrier-envelope offset frequency. This design is compatible with a robust, fieldable frequency ...

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