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1. 10-GHz Self-Referenced Optical Frequency Comb
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/30/2009
Authors: Albrecht Bartels, Dirk Heinecke, Scott A Diddams
Abstract: For a decade the femtosecond laser based frequency comb has played a key role in high precision optical frequency metrology.While often referred to as a precise optical frequency ruler, its tick marks are in fact too densely spaced for direct observa ...

2. 100 Years of Superconductivity
Topic: Physics
Published: 7/2/2012
Author: Richard Lloyd Kautz
Abstract: The 100th anniversary of the discovery of superconudctivity by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes was celebrated in 2011 at the Superconductivity Centennial Conference held in The Hague. 100 Years of Superconductivity is a product of that celebration, but it's f ...

3. 100-Fold Reduction of Electric-Field Noise in an Ion Trap Cleanded with In Situ Argon-Ion-Beam Bombardment
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/7/2012
Authors: Dustin Alexander Hite, Yves Colombe, Andrew C Wilson, Kenton R. Brown, Ulrich J. Warring, Robert Jordens, John D. Jost, David P Pappas, Dietrich G Leibfried, David J Wineland, Kyle Stephen McKay
Abstract: Anomalous heating of trapped atomic ions is a major obstacle to their use as quantum bits in scalable quantum computers. The physical origin of this electric field noise is not fully understood, but experimental evidence suggests that it emanates fr ...

4. 420 MHz Cr:forsterite femtosecond ring laser and continuum generation in the 1-2 micron range
Topic: Physics
Published: 8/1/2003
Authors: I Thomann, A Bartels, K L Corwin, Nathan Reynolds Newbury, Leo W. Hollberg, Scott A Diddams, J W Nicholson, M. F. Yan

5. 5 MHz Phase Detector With Low Residual Flicker
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/15/2011
Authors: Corey Andrew Barnes, Archita Hati, Craig W Nelson, David Allan Howe
Abstract: The measurement of close-to carrier phase modulation (PM) noise of state-of-the-art oscillators is always challenging. Quite often the residual noise of the phase detector used in these measurements is the source of difficulty. In particular at Fou ...

6. 6.00 Atomic Spectroscopy
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Author: Wolfgang Lothar Wiese
Abstract: A compendium of basic facts, data and formulas of atomic spectroscopy is presented, to serve as part of a physicist s desk reference volume.

7. A 12.5 GHz-Spaced Optical Frequency Comb Spanning >400 nm for Infrared Astronomical Spectrograph Calibration
Topic: Physics
Published: 6/10/2010
Authors: Franklyn J Quinlan, Gabriel George Ycas, Steve Osterman, Scott A Diddams
Abstract: A 12.5 GHz-spaced optical frequency comb locked to a Global Positioning System disciplined oscillator for near IR spectrograph calibration is presented. The comb is generated via filtering a 250 MHz-spaced comb. Subsequent nonlinear broadening of the ...

8. A 40 GHz Air-Dielectric Cavity Oscillator with Low Phase Modulation
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/1/2014
Authors: Archita Hati, Craig W Nelson, Billy F Riddle, David Allan Howe
Abstract: We describe the design of a low-phase modulated (PM) noise, 40 GHz oscillator that uses a conventional air-dielectric cavity resonator as a frequency discriminator to improve the PM noise of a commercial 10 GHz dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) f ...

9. A 750 mW, continuous-wave, solid-state laser source at 313 nm for cooling and manipulating trapped 9Be+ ions
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/28/2011
Authors: Andrew C Wilson, Christian Ospelkaus, Aaron Vandevender, J. A. Mlynek, Kenton R. Brown, Dietrich G Leibfried, David J Wineland
Abstract: We present a solid-state laser system that generates 750 mW of continuous-wave, single frequency, output at 313 nm. Sum-frequency generation with fiber lasers at 1550 nm and 1051 nm produces up to 2 W at 626 nm. This visible light is then converted ...

10. A Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Uniform Light-Induced Vector Potential
Topic: Physics
Published: 3/30/2009
Authors: Yu-Ju Lin, Robert L. Compton, Abigail Reiko Perry, William D Phillips, James V Porto, Ian B Spielman
Abstract: We use a two-photon dressing field to create an effective vector gauge potential for Bose-condensed ^87Rb atoms in the F=1 hyperfine ground state. The dressed states in this Raman field are spin and momentum superpositions, and we adiabatically load ...

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