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1. Collapse Prevention Seismic Performance Assessment of New Eccentrically Braced Frames using ASCE 41
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 6/15/2016
Authors: Matthew S Speicher, John L Harris
Abstract: This paper presents the results of a seismic performance assessment using ASCE 41-06 for six eccentrically braced frames (EBFs) designed in accordance with the 2012 International Building Code. The correlation between ASCE 7-10 and ASCE 41-06 is inve ...

2. Calibration of rheometers for cementitious materials
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 5/16/2016
Authors: Chiara F Ferraris, Nicos Martys, William L George, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Alex Olivas
Abstract: The calibration of rheometers to determine the rheological properties of cement based materials ranging from cement paste to concrete cannot be done using standard oils as they are cost prohibitive and do not possess sufficient granularity to test sl ...

3. Comparison measurements of low-pressure between a laser refractometer and ultrasonic manometer
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 5/13/2016
Authors: Patrick F Egan, Jack A Stone Jr., Jacob E Ricker, Jay H Hendricks
Abstract: We have developed a new low-pressure sensor which is based on the measurement of (nitrogen) gas refractivity inside a Fabry-Perot (FP) cavity. We compare pressure determinations via this laser refractometer to that of well-established ultrasonic man ...

4. Challenges in the Development of Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Standards: The Story of ASHRAE Standard 62
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 5/2/2016
Author: Andrew Keith Persily
Abstract: Building ventilation has long been recognized for its role in occupant health, comfort and productivity, with some of the first recommendations on building ventilation rates published in the 19th century. These recommendations were transformed into m ...

Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1912
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 3/10/2016
Authors: Brian J Polidoro, Lisa C Ng, William S Dols
Abstract: CONTAM is a multizone indoor air quality and ventilation analysis program developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Since CONTAM simulation files are binary and not human-readable, the CONTAM Results Export Tool was crea ...

6. Characterizing Indoor Air- Quality Performance Using a Graphical Approach
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1868
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 3/8/2016
Authors: Kevin Yale Teichman, Cynthia H. Reed, Steven J Emmerich
Abstract: In this paper, we describe and demonstrate a graphical approach to illustrating the indoor air quality (IAQ) performance of high-performing buildings. We start by describing previous efforts to establish IAQ and indoor environmental quality (I ...

7. Coupling of Whole-Building Energy, Airflow and Contaminant Transport Models (EnergyPlus and CONTAM) Using Co-Simulation
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/4/2016
Authors: William S Dols, Steven J Emmerich, Brian J Polidoro
Abstract: Building modelers need simulation tools capable of simultaneously considering building energy use, airflow and indoor air quality (IAQ) to design and evaluate the ability of buildings and their systems to meet today‰s demanding energy efficiency and ...

8. Firebrand Production from Building Components Fitted with Siding Treatments
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/1/2016
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Sayaka Suzuki
Abstract: Firebrand production from real-scale building components under well-controlled laboratory conditions was investigated. Re-entrant corner assemblies were ignited and during the combustion process, firebrands were collected to determine the size/mas ...

9. Methodology to Analyze Wind Pressure Data on Components and Cladding of Low-Rise Buildings
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1903
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 12/29/2015
Authors: Dat Duthinh, Joseph A Main
Abstract: This note establishes a method to analyze wind pressure data on cladding and components of low-rise buildings using the National Institute of Standards and Technology-University of Western Ontario (NIST-UWO) database. The aerodynamic pressures induc ...

10. CFAST ‹ Consolidated Model of Fire Growth and Smoke Transport (Version 7) Volume 2: User‰s Guide
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 12/15/2015
Authors: Richard D Peacock, Paul A Reneke, Glenn P Forney
Abstract: CFAST is a two-zone fire model capable of predicting the environment in a multi-compartment structure subjected to a fire. It calculates the time evolving distribution of smoke and gaseous combustion products as well as the temperature throughout a ...

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