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991. In Situ Rheometric Shearing Apparatus at the NIST Center for Neutron Research
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/11/1998
Authors: G C. Straty, Chris D Muzny, B D. Butler, M Y Lin, T Slawecki, Charles J. Glinka, Howard J. Hanley

992. An Automated Apparatus for Measuring Sound Speeds in Hazardous Gases
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/1/1998
Author: John J. Hurly

993. Atomic Hydrogen for the Formation of Abrupt Sb Doping Profiles in MBE-Grown Si
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/1/1998
Authors: P E Thompson, C Silvestre, M E Twigg, G Jernigan, David S Simons
Abstract: Previously atomic hydrogen has been shown to be effective in reducing the segregation of Ge on Si[100] during solid source molecular beam epitaxygrowth. In this work we have investigated atomic hydrogen to determine if it is equally effective in red ...

994. Basic Steps Towards a Self-sustainable Quality System and Laboratory Accreditation
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/1/1998
Authors: Peter Bode, K Heydorn, R W Innes, R Wood, Rolf Louis Zeisler

995. Concentration of Hydrogen in Titanium Measured by Neutron Incoherent Scattering
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/1/1998
Authors: Huaiyu H Chen-Mayer, David F r Mildner, George Paul Lamaze, Richard Mark Lindstrom, Rick L Paul, V. V. Kvardakov, W. J. Richards

996. Definitive Method Certification of Clinical Analytes in Lyophilized Human Serum: NIST Standard Reference Material (SRM) 909b
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/1/1998
Authors: C. S. Phinney, Karen E Murphy, Michael James Welch, P M Ellerbe, Stephen E Long, Kenneth W Pratt, Lorna Tregoning Sniegoski, M. S. Rearick, Thomas W Vetter, Robert D Vocke Jr

997. Effect of Fluid Viscosity and Surface Tension on Liquid Sheet Disintegration of a Simplex Pressure-Swirl Atomizer
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/1/1998
Authors: I. P. Chung, Cary Presser

998. Evaluated Gas Phase Basicities and Proton Affinities of Molecules: An Update
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/1/1998
Authors: E P. Hunter, S G. Lias

999. Kinetically-Controlled Chemical Sensing Using Micromachined Structures
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/1/1998
Authors: Stephen Semancik, Richard E Cavicchi
Abstract: Microdevices produced by machining silicon can offer a variety of control functionality on a miniature scale,^u1.2^ with general advantages connected to not only reduced size (less invasive), but also lower power requirements, lower cost, and reprodu ...

1000. Line Intensities for the 8-{mu}m Bands of SO^d2^
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 5/1/1998
Authors: Pamela M Chu, S. J. Wetzel, Walter Joseph Lafferty, A. Perrin, J.- M. Flaud, Ph Arcas, G Guelachvili

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